Herzberg Final Exam Management

Introduction In adjustment to break the botheration of absence in the company, I intend to appear up with two action theories to enhance the employees' assignment activity and accordingly Advance their assignment accomplishment and efficiency. Two theories are agreeable theories and action theories. The actuality of these two theories is all-important and served mainly to anticipate annoyance and advance agent engagement, thereby Afflicted Individuals to above accomplishment and performance. Initially, I intend to use Herbage's approach accompanying to botheration analysis. Herbert (1959) accompanying action to the attributes of a person's work. He proposed the two-factor approach about advisers 'experience of work, In this theory, advisers characterize two altered action factors, which are, motivator factors and hygiene factors. Motivators factors can accredit to the appearance of the assignment itself, for archetype achievement, recognition, assignment itself, albatross and advancement. The hygiene factors is added anxious about the action that surrounding the workplace, Such s aggregation policy, alive conditions, accolade system, salary, administering and supervision. Because the motivator factors are associated with accomplishment and afflicted managers' assignment performance. However, hygiene factors served mainly to anticipate annoyance of employees; it is important to admonition me to abate my staffs unsatisfied. According to the hygiene factors, the best advantageous and benign way Is to Access salary. Believed that budgetary accolade was an Important affective factor. Pay could artlessly be acclimated to access ante of output. Although aggregation haven't amount to appoint new advisers to do added work. Therefore, We can accommodate the able overtime acquittal and accolade according to the employee's performance. Besides, I will authorize the acceptable accord with my advisers -such as accepting a cup of tee afterwards assignment and babble with them with pleasure. In this case, advisers may feel a faculty of accomplishment for assignment ambiance and accommodating to focus on the work. Employees' Job performance. According to Hickman and Lolled,there are three Job characteristics in this approach ,including accomplishment variety, freedom and acknowledgment from job. Ill array agency align altered assignment to advisers and motivated them to work. ' In this regard, I will align altered assignment based on their ability, For example, Some of the bodies amenable for the cashier. Amenable for cash, coffer drop receipts and accounts, analysis administration and the alertness of banknote account report. And some can act as Sales accountant. Amenable for the sales business process, including billing, account of accomplished goods, adapt account sales, and the chump analysis contacts, with sales administration to analysis aircraft etc.. Hereford can abounding their abeyant and let them feel assignment is meaningful. Moreover,autonomy refers to appearance assignment after-effects for the agents and let them amenable for outcomes,after advisers complete the task,' would like to acclaim them and acquaint them why we can get this case auspiciously is because their effort. They may feel a faculty of accomplishment and assignment added hard. Finally, Acknowledgment from Job, which agency affliction about agents and let them apperceive Job is important. During the work, I can acquaint with employees, back they appointment difficulties,' will accord admonition and assurance they can accomplish the org.

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