Here is the criteria

Here is the criteria

Be a minimum of 100 words. References, citations, repeating the question, and commendation your associate do not calculation appear the 100 chat minimum.

  • Responses to Peers:
  • You are adapted to accomplish two (2) responses to the antecedent posts of two (2) altered peers. In anniversary acknowledgment to your peers’ animadversion on the altered types of technology, the advantages and disadvantages they chose and strategies the RN can apply acquainted differences and/or similarities to your own called technology, advantages and disadvantages, and strategies.In your responses to your peers’ posts accommodate able and astute comments that go aloft that of accede or disagree.

All Posts (Initial and Response)

All posts (initial and response) must:

  • Display use of bookish writing. Bookish autograph is accepted to be precise, semi-formal, impersonal, and objective. (Nordquist, 2015, para. 2) Two (2) samples of bookish autograph are provided at the end of this document.
  • Have all sources cited aural altercation column and on advertence account formatted accurately application APA guidelines. REF charge no be added that 5 years old and charge be american based.


Here is the respopnce defective a responce application the belief that i aloof submited above. Please adress the responce with the bodies name.

RENAE PARISTechnology has accustomed for abounding advances in accommodating outcome.  It has accustomed for added allowances in all-embracing bloom including affection of life, longevity, and possibilities for able treatment, area in the past, these possibilities did not exist.

One advantage of technology in this ambience use of the internet for patients to retrieve provider recommended advice and added apprenticeship through beheld demonstrations and accountable matter. This may accommodate videos of the prenatal aeon as able-bodied as caring for the baby afterwards birth. Other advantages are affection and imaging.  The parents of an approaching adolescent are able to see added capacity during an ultrasound, and because of advances, a accomplished able can ascertain abnormalities in aboriginal stages of pregnancy.  With advancements in imaging, beneath invasive procedures may be adapted to finer monitor, diagnose, and treat.  These advantages are aesthetically adorable for parents and families as able-bodied as advantageous in aboriginal apprehension and planning aboriginal analysis for the best accessible aftereffect (Khong & Malcomson, 2015). 

One disadvantage in the perinatal ambience is over use of connected fetal ecology during labor. This convenance was implemented afore experts could complete analysis as to akin of actuality and accurateness of achievement from monitors (Gaikwad, 2013).  Inaccurate readings, advertence a botheration with the fetus, back there may be no botheration at all may be an affair for accidental measures taken with the approaching and accent on the parent’s during this time of activity and commitment (American Academy of Nursing, 2015).  Lack of fetal ecology or inaccuracies while actuality monitored can advance to complications such as hypoxia during bearing (Kellen, 2014).

A additional disadvantage in this ambience is that advances in technology accident accident of alone care. With the use of monitors, avant-garde analytic technologies and laboratories to ascertain the accepted cachet of the patient, there is beneath adapted of the RN in analytical thinking.  For example, ecology a patient’s basic signs, is generally done with automatic systems recorded electronically, admitting back a chiral arrangement is used, the RN is demography added time with the patient.  There are observations that can be fabricated and conversations with accommodating that accredit the RN to get her apperceive her accommodating and accord the affection of time and alone affliction needed.  It is the assignment of the RN to analyze “actual or abeyant risks” of her accommodating through administering approved assessments of concrete and brainy health, as able-bodied as accommodate a culturally affable ambiance (ANA, 2015).

The RN will ensure accessories acclimated to monitor, it acclimated accurately and that there has been apprenticeship provided with a adequacy appraisal to ensure authentic and adapted chase up of aberrant indicators (ANA, 2015). To abode the additional disadvantage, the RN charge be competent to admit whether any blazon of anxiety or ecology arrangement is activity accurately and ensure settings are adapted for the accommodating application a accommodating centered access (QSEN, 2014). This includes abstracts accumulating on baselines for basic signs and class values. The RN should be able to affirm the after-effects by common chase up of analytic correlation. A alone access not alone to the patient’s baseline, but additionally to actuality present for the accommodating to acquiesce and animate questions and announcement of concerns. Abeyant risks and complications will be articular in the antecedent and advancing appraisal and appraisal action to ensure the accomplished accepted ensuring affection affliction is provided.


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