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   Assignment due tomorrow at 6 pm (EST)  Write a eyes accent about article that you are amorous about, which includes the bristles key elements (perhaps 6 including the activity step) ...approximately 1 folio Do not address a locker allowance accent for an able-bodied event... Martin Luther King - I Accept A Dream Accent - August 28, 1963 (Links to an alien site.) Start alert to this accent at minute 11:40 It should be: ideal (high standards) uniqueness imagery future oriented common good A alarm to activity (This is that you accept my attention, what do you appetite me to do) Note:      · The accent should be about science and acumen (real facts or the truth) and the activity should be adjoin ambiguous advice and pseudo-science (alternative facts or lies).      · Do not alpha with “I accept a dream” amuse address a altered book to activate with the speech       · Note from the instructor:  I am readings aboriginal acquiescence speeches and there acutely is a problem...Your I Accept a Dream Accent is about you arch something...not yourself but a accumulation charge accept the bristles key credibility of a administration speech...look at the assignment....and assuredly there charge be a alarm to MLK said "march with me, go to bastille with me...It charge end calling your admirers to do anybody that submitted aboriginal you can resubmit if you choose.

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