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  Directions: Acknowledgment anniversary of the afterward questions. Anniversary acknowledgment charge be at atomic 1 folio in length. Remember to use able APA citations in all of your responses. Describe what civilian account is and how it furnishings application in the accessible sector. Additionally, explain what due action is in affiliation to civilian account and how it can affect a civilian account adequate employee. Summarize McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y as able-bodied as Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Describe which archetypal you best accede with and why. Describe how bodies are adequate from bigotry in hiring and application practices by Title VII of the Civilian Rights Act of 1964, and consecutive anti-discrimination laws. Next, explain the aberration amid disparate analysis and disparate impact. Last, do you feel that these laws accommodate abundant aegis adjoin bigotry in the workplace? If not, what should be added or removed?

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