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Discussion Question  Let’s do article a little different!  We are activity to actualize a SWOT apropos the efforts complex with acclimation an essay.  (Yup, that’s right—we are activity to use a business apparatus in an English course!)  Given your acquaintance with acclimation essays and the abstracts in this course, actualize a account acclamation the following: •Strengths accomplished by demography the time and accomplishment to adapt an article •Weaknesses encountered while acclimation an article •Opportunities you accept encountered while acclimation an article •Threats you accept felt/experienced while acclimation an article  Try to appear up with three items for anniversary letter: S, W, O, and T.  Then use a few sentences to abridge your thoughts about the SWOT assay of acclimation essays.  For example, afterwards assuming the SWOT, ask yourself, what accept I abstruse about actuality a writer? Week 4's Assignment You will adapt and abstract your article due at the end of Week 5. THIS IS WHAT I'M DOING MY ESSAY NOW FROM WEEK ONE JUST NEED TO FINISH THE ESSAY UP. Big tech companies like Facebook and Google ascertain the advice ecosystem in the world. These companies are transforming the accessible apple absolutely yet they are hardly adapted or accountable. These platforms accommodate new opportunities for bodies about the apple to affix but they are additionally auspicious terrorism, creating surfaces for attack, abduct claimed data, and abolish bone (Samples, 2019). The agitation on amusing media adjustment has been advancing for years. Some bodies altercate there is a charge for able amusing media to end. Others altercate that bad amusing media adjustment can actualize added problems. There is charge to agitation and anatomy these issues.

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