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Before starting this altercation lath you charge to watch the cine “Before the Flood” by National Geographic. The cine is at the afterward link: Answer with a abrupt acknowledgment (3 to 5 sentences) for anniversary of the 7 questions accustomed below: How is approach oil assembly in Indonesia accompanying to the burning of articles in the United States economy, and what do bunch corporations' basal band assembly choices (cited in the movie) accept to do with Climate Change? Gidon Eshel (Research Professor and Environmental Physicist at Bard College) reveals how U.S. consumers, as individuals, may instantly abate their own claimed carbon footprint.  What is his suggestion?  Why would it amount (in assessable impact)? How abounding giga-factories does Elon Musk (Tesla Founder) accept it would booty to ability the absolute planet's busline and electricity needs (replacing 70 percent of carbon emissions with apple-pie technology solutions)?  How big is Musk's solar and accumulator array giga-factory, advancing achievement this year? Dr. Piers Sellers (Astronaut and Director of Apple Science at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration--NASA) demonstrates a computer cartoon simulation of apple systems which utilizes real-time abstracts from 20 orbiting satellites and trend projections.  Briefly abridge the allegation that Dr. Sellers presents in this cine documentary. What role does a carbon tax (see Chapter 5) comedy in alive the United States abroad from deposit fuels against added acceptable activity alternatives?  Predict the aftereffect of a carbon tax on the amount and abundance accepted of carbon-intensive fuels. How is the success of such a tax accompanying to the abstraction of the amount animation of appeal in Chapter 6? Do you abutment or argue the artifice of a carbon tax?  Explain you acumen and acknowledgment to at atomic two alternative acceptance apropos their reactions to the carbon tax policy.

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