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 Key Assignment\r\n\r\nThe administration aggregation brand the advice and the assignment performed in ambience up the Advice Desk. Up to this point, you accept been able to accommodate them with admired information:\r\n\r\nRoles and responsibilities\r\nTools and technologies\r\nIT systems support\r\nProcesses and botheration resolution\r\nThe administration aggregation is adequate that the account akin agreements can be met with account to things they can control, namely agent achievement and ability abject quality. They are, however, anxious that because the majority of the advice board abutment basement is based on Web-based self-service, an abeyance on the Web armpit could advance to absent account levels.\r\n\r\nDescribe what can be done to ensure the aegis and availability of the Web-based basement and what the aggregation can do to accumulate the advice board active in the accident of a Web armpit abeyance (business continuity). The altercation about aegis should focus on 3 levels:\r\n\r\nPhysical security\r\nNetwork infrastructure/security\r\nApplication infrastructure/security\r\nAdd the altercation about aegis and business chain to the area blue-blooded Achievement Management.

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