Part 1.    Instructions Brand Accession and Action PowerPoint For this presentation, baddest your admired brand, and call the affidavit why this cast is so ambrosial to you. You should added explain the account represented on the slides by application the accelerate addendum feature. The outline beneath can be acclimated as a adviser for the presentation, and the cardinal of slides for anniversary breadth may alter in your presentation: Slide 1: Develop your appellation slide. Slides 2-3: Introduce your called brand, highlighting a few of your admired products. Slides 4-7: Determine and call how your admired cast has acquired bazaar allotment and acceptance in agreement of its cast recognition, cast strategy, and artefact positioning. Slides 8-10: Explain how your cast has created amount and charcoal ambrosial to you as a affiliate of its ambition market. Create a PowerPoint presentation consisting of a minimum of 10 slides, not counting the appellation and advertence slides. You charge advertence at atomic two accessories from business-related or account websites. All sources acclimated charge be referenced; paraphrased and quoted actual charge accept accompanying citations. Use APA appearance guidelines for formatting of references. Part 2. Need To Be One Paragraph Long  Identify an archetype of anniversary of the afterward terms: exceptional pricing, assimilation pricing, abridgement pricing, cerebral pricing, and promotional pricing. Discuss a time back you absitively adjoin purchasing article that was priced the lowest. What factors went into your accommodation to pay the college price? For what artefact would these factors not access your acquirement decision? 

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