Unit VI Case Abstraction Worksheet Directions: Beneath is a case abstraction presentation of a accommodating with a action covered in this chapter. Read the case abstraction and acknowledgment the questions below. Some questions will ask for advice not included aural this chapter. Use your textbook, a medical dictionary, Be abiding to use APA formatting for all citations and references.   Patient is apparent by obstetrician today for abstinent vaginal bleeding after any airtight or pelvic pain. Accommodating is 23 years old. She is currently estimated to be at 175 canicule of gestation. Amniocentesis at 20 weeks adumbrated macho fetus with no affirmation of abiogenetic or adorning disorders. This accommodating is multigravida but nullipara with three aboriginal ad-lib abortions after accessible causes. She was diagnosed with blight of the larboard ovary 4 years ago. It was advised with a larboard oophorectomy and chemotherapy. She continues to abide full-body CT browse every six months, and there has been no affirmation of blight back that time. Pelvic ultrasound indicates placenta previa with placenta about absolutely above cervix. However, there is no affirmation of abruptio placentae at this time. Fetal admeasurement appraisal is constant with 25 weeks of gestation. Fetal ecology appear that the FHR is able with a amount of 130 beats/minute. The placenta appears to be able-bodied absorbed on ultrasound, but the bleeding is account for concern. With the acutely low position of the placenta, this accommodating is at actual aerial accident for developing abruptio placentae. She may crave aboriginal commitment by cesarean area if bleeding increases. She will absolutely crave C-section at access of labor.  1. Describe in your own words the analysis this accommodating accustomed for her ovarian cancer. What action does she abide to accept every six months?      2. This accommodating had an amniocentesis at 20 weeks of gestation. Describe this action and why it is performed.      3. What occurred during this patient’s aboriginal three pregnancies? Describe what concluded the pregnancies.      4. Describe what fetal ecology is. What is FHR?      5. This accommodating has placenta previa. What action apparent this condition? The physician, however, is abundant added anxious about abruptio placentae. Explain why.      6. How will this baby charge to be delivered? Describe this procedure.

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