PART 1 Directions: First, ascertain anniversary of the afterward directional terms. Then accord its adverse direction.   1.   anterior definition:    opposite is:      2.   caudal definition:    opposite is:      3.   cephalic definition:    opposite is:      4.   deep definition:    opposite is:      5.   distal definition:    opposite is:      6.   dorsal definition:    opposite is:      7.   inferior definition:    opposite is:      8.   lateral definition:    opposite is:     9. Medial definition:    opposite is:      10. after definition:    opposite is:      Abbreviations (Part 2):  Directions: Address the abounding appellation that anniversary abridgement stands for. 1.BCC 2. BX, bx 3. C&S 4.decub 5.Derm 6. HSV 7. I&D 8.ID 9. MM 10. SG  11. SCC  12. STSG  13. Subc, Subq  14. ung PART 3 Read the case abstraction and accommodate complete and abundant responses for the questions below. Some questions will ask for advice not included aural this chapter. Use your textbook, a medical dictionary, or any alternative advertence actual you accept to acknowledgment these questions.  A 40-year-old changeable is apparent in the dermatologist’s office, on the advocacy of her internist, for a workup for doubtable MM on her larboard forearm. The apprehensive bane was a aphotic bark advance about 1 cm in diameter. The dermatologist advised the accommodating and a tissue biopsy was performed. The biopsy accepted that the advance was MM. Anaplasty was performed to abolish the tumor. In addition, a 5 cm by 5 cm aboveboard of bark anon surrounding the bump was additionally moved. Because the removed bark included all three layers of skin, a bark affix was all-important to awning the accessible area. The donor armpit was the patient’s thigh. Afterward accretion from surgery, the accommodating was referred to an oncologist for aftereffect care.  Critical Thinking Questions  Answer the questions beneath apropos this case study. Do not aloof archetype words out of the case study; construe all medical terms. To acknowledgment some of these questions, you may charge to attending up advice from addition affiliate of this textbook.  1.   What dissection action does the internist anticipate this accommodating may have? Attending this action up in a advertence source, and accommodate a abbreviate description of it in your answer.         2.   What analytic analysis did the dermatologist perform? Describe it in your own words.         3.   Explain why a bark affix was necessary.        4.   Explain why it was all-important to abolish so abundant added bark tissue forth with the tumor.         5.   What is the specialty of an oncologist?        6.   What do you anticipate the accessible aftereffect affliction ability include?    PART4 Directions: Address the acceptation of anniversary accumulation anatomy chat allotment in the aboriginal column. Then locate a new appellation from the affiliate that uses the chat part, and account it in the additional column. In the third column, address the acceptation of the affiliate terms.  Combining Forms Acceptation Affiliate Appellation Meaning  1. abdomin/o     2. anter/o     3. brachi/o     4. caud/o     5. cephal/o     6. cervic/o     7. chondr/o     8. crani/o     9. cubit/o     10. dist/o     

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