Helicopter Parent & Anxiety

In contempo years, some parents accept been referred to as "helicopter parents," because of their addiction to "hover" about their children.  This is acclimated a lot to accredit to parents of earlier accouchement (especially academy students; See complete analogue below).  I doubtable that for some, the aerial started way afore that.  I would like you to anticipate of this abstraction in agreement of how ancestor behaviors collaborate with adolescent attitude in the breadth of all-overs disorders.     Do you anticipate "hovering" ability collaborate with a child's attitude to either access or abatement the accident of an all-overs disorder?  How so?   Remember, there is not a absolute appropriate or amiss on this. A helicopter parent is a appellation for a being who pays acutely abutting absorption to his or her adolescent or children, decidedly at educational institutions. They blitz to anticipate any abuse or abortion from befalling them or absolution them apprentice from their own mistakes, sometimes alike adverse to the children's wishes. They are so called because, like a helicopter (Links to an alien site.)Links to an alien site., they hover carefully overhead, rarely out of ability whether their accouchement charge them or not.  (Yes, this comes from Wikipedia, but I still don't appetite you citation them as a bookish source!) 

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