Healthy Lifestyle Final Research Report

Life SLEEP AND HEALTHY LIFESTYLE 1 Beddy-bye and Advantageous Affairs National University of Singapore Undergraduates Profile Jiexuan Wang SM2 Group 1 National University of Singapore SLEEP AND HEALTHY LIFESTYLE 2 Beddy-bye and Advantageous Affairs National University of Singapore Undergraduates Profile Sleeping, forth with alternative advantageous action habits has arisen acquaintance in contempo years. As will be declared later, the majority of university undergraduates rarely took advantageous active seriously. University acceptance accept continued been known, as claimed by Dement (1997), to bake the midnight oil and advance an ailing lifestyle, which could be potentially chancy to their bloom condition. Apart from comatose off in the class, sleeping denial and poor sleeping affection led to abounding abiding furnishings on the bloom conditions. Recently, we conducted a analysis amid the National University of Singapore (NUS) undergraduates to analyze their ability of advantageous affairs and sleeping habits (see Appendix A Interview Questions). The analysis mainly covered the abstraction of a advantageous lifestyle, the sleeping hours and rituals. The aim of this cardboard is to acknowledge the accepted sleeping and advantageous affairs altitude amid NUS undergraduates and to abjure acquaintance on the advantageous affairs and sleeping issue. Methodology The primary affirmation was calm from our interviews, and several accompanying abstracts were analyzed as accessory resources. We conducted contiguous interviews and recorded bottomward the responds from respondents. Six commonsense were complex in the research, including Adroitness of Science, Adroitness of Art and Social SLEEP AND HEALTHY LIFESTYLE 3 Science, Adroitness of Engineering, Adroitness of Business, School of accretion and School of architecture and environment. Because of the limitation of the analysis method, we accept alone covered 96 respondents in our research. After-effects and Discussion This analysis covers the abstraction of a advantageous lifestyle, sleeping denial and alternative accompanying perspectives. The aftereffect is to some admeasurement in accordance with our expectation, but some of the problems of sleeping disorders and denial accept affective our attention. This area will altercate these capacity in detail. Healthy affairs abstraction The abstraction of a advantageous affairs may alter according to altered people. From the research, it is bright that sleep, diet and exercise are aloft accidental factors, with some of the respondents emphasizing the accent of appointed and counterbalanced lifestyle. However, they could alone accord an abstraction of the abstraction after alive added about this topic. The afterward Figure 1 presents an abstraction of the respondents’ compassionate of advantageous lifestyle. 71 4 5 5 6 4 8 1 1 80 60 40 20 0 42 51 Figure 1 Advantageous affairs Abstraction of NUS undergraduates cardinal of espondents SLEEP AND HEALTHY LIFESTYLE 4 Sleeping hours Scientists accentuate the accent of breadth of sleep, suggesting a six to eight hours of beddy-bye every night. Insufficient beddy-bye may advance to abbreviating productivity, addiction to accomplish mistakes and best dangerously, adventitious sleep. Figure 2 shows the sleeping hours amid the respondents. The allotment of beddy-bye denial amid NUS undergraduates is sobering. 18 out of 95 respondents declared that they accept beneath than 6 hours of beddy-bye anniversary day, and as one of the respondents added, “There were abounding acceptance comatose off during lectures. In addition, some of the respondents gave capacity of the sleeping time at night, alignment from eleven o’clock to two or three o’clock in the morning, and alike shockingly, four or bristles in the morning back there is no address in the morning. However, acquainted that our biological rhythms assignment aloof the alternative way around, the sleeping habits of the majority of undergraduates are unhealthy. Reports (Fredrik, 2007) adumbrated that the aeon of 11 o’clock in the black to 3 o’clock in the morning is back the anatomy goes through a detoxification action and any time amid 5 o’clock to 7 o’clock in the morning is acceptable for defecation process. 0 60 40 20 0 beneath 6 sleeping hours 6 to 8 aloft 8 18 5 72 Figure 2 Sleeping Hours amid Undergraduates in NUS SLEEP AND HEALTHY LIFESTYLE 5 Sleeping Rituals Sleeping rituals could affect the sleeping ability and affection of sleep. Figure 3 illustrates the aloft sleeping rituals amid the NUS undergraduates. One aloft agency is eating. Bistro afore bedtime has been a long-discussed capacity amid scientists. It is a two-edged sword, for sleep-benefit drinks such as a cup of balmy milk can advance the ability of beddy-bye while best candy taken afore bedtime are able-bodied accepted to be weight gaining. Interviews with respondents acknowledge that best of them will accept to eat afore bedtime if they are hungry. However, afire the midnight oil calmly contributes to bedtime bistro habit. Besides, scientists affirmation that bistro aural three hours afore bedtime is ailing (Taft, 2012). The analysis additionally reveals that the additional best favorable action afore bedtime is to exercise, which was accepted to be benign to the advance of sleeping quality, as declared in (Wooten, 2007). Among alternative accepted sleeping rituals, recreations like cine watching may account an action afore sleeping time and resulted in sleeping disorder. cardinal of respondents Exercising Chatting Set Alarm Shower Go Out Listening to Music Reading 25 12 12 9 37 1 1 3 2 1 16 15 15 19 Figure 3 Things NUS Undergraduates Do afore Beddy-bye SLEEP AND HEALTHY LIFESTYLE 6 Conclusion The analysis reveals that the majority of undergraduates accept a relevantly bright abstraction of a advantageous affairs and that the sleeping arrangement of the majority of undergraduates is analytic healthy. The all-embracing after-effects from anniversary adroitness were mostly the aforementioned (see Appendix B). However, back it comes to sleeping hours and sleeping rituals, abundant can be done to advance the affection and ability of sleep, in adjustment to abstain broken performances and adventitious beddy-bye during daytime. The acceptation of the abstraction of sleeping patterns is obvious, for it reveals the advantageous action of undergraduates and possibly revokes acquaintance of sleeping affair amid NUS undergraduates. (846 words) SLEEP AND HEALTHY LIFESTYLE 7 References Fredrik, P. (2007). Back is the Best Time to Sleep?. Retrieved November 30, 2012 from http://www. ineedmotivation. com/blog/2007/10/when-is-the-best-time-to-sleep/ Taft, W. (2012). Stop bistro three hours afore bed. Retrieved November 30, 2012 from http://willtaft. com/eat-at-least-3-hours-before-going-to-sleep/ Dement, W. (1997). Sleepless at Stanford. In What all undergraduates should apperceive about how their sleeping lives affect their alive lives. Retrieved November 30, 2012 from Stanford University, Center of Excellence for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Beddy-bye Disorders Web site: http://www. stanford. du/~dement/sleepless. html Wooten, V. D. (2007). Discovery Health: "How to Fall Asleep". Retrieved November 30, 2012 from http://health. howstuffworks. com/mental-health/sleep/basics/how-to-fall-asle ep. htm SLEEP AND HEALTHY LIFESTYLE 8 Appendix A Interview Questions 1. What is your abstraction of a advantageous lifestyle? 2. What do you anticipate are the factors that represent a advantageous lifestyle? 3. Do you anticipate that beddy-bye is capital in advancement a advantageous lifestyle? Why? 4. How abundant beddy-bye do you commonly have? Is it any altered during examinations? 5. Do you accept any leeping ritual-­? a alternation of accomplishments that you usually backpack out-­? afore activity to sleep? How continued does it booty you to do this? 6. Do you eat afore bedtime? A. What food/drink helps you to sleep? How does it advice you to sleep? B. What food/drink prevents you to sleep? How does it anticipate you to sleep? 7. Do you exercise afore bedtime? What blazon of exercise do you do? How continued does it booty you to do this? 8. What alternative activities do you do afore sleeping? Do/does these/this advice or anticipate you to sleep? SLEEP AND HEALTHY LIFESTYLE 9 Appendix B Analysis Data (Original)

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