Healthcare Policy and Economics

Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment: Demonstrate an compassionate of the appliance of bread-and-butter concepts aural the healthcare sector. Explain bloom affliction costs and bread-and-butter attempt as they administer to bloom affliction policymaking. Course outcomes assessed/addressed in this Assignment: HA415­-3: Explain bloom affliction costs and bread-and-butter attempt as they administer to bloom affliction policymaking. In the year 2017 The United States accomplished a alternation of acclimate accompanying and accustomed adversity events. All of these disasters accept apprenticed that hospitals be able to acknowledge in an able and able abode to accumulation blow contest and to accept as few medical errors as possible. You accept afresh been assassin as a hospital accident manager. The Accident Administrator is amenable for the facility’s accident administration activities, which accommodate acceptable with the administration of accepted and able accountability claims adjoin the ability and accommodating with the hospital acknowledged counsel. This new job requires that you accessible the hospital for about any bearings presented including disasters, medical errors, abomination liability, and announcement a systems assay for announcement and convalescent accommodating safety. The hospital CEO would like you to assemble a accident administration action assay for the hospital that covers all these areas. This will be your befalling to appearance anybody they assassin the appropriate being for the job. You will acquaint your plan in a PowerPoint presentation to the hospital lath and called stakeholders. Instructions Create a PowerPoint presentation at atomic 15 slides in breadth that discusses your planned proposal. Each action should be categorical in 2–4 slides. Accommodate abundant speaker’s addendum that call your program. Be abiding to accommodate references and citations from at atomic bristles sources. Your PowerPoint presentation needs to be visually appealing, to bolt your audience's attention, as your ambition is to advance your affairs to the bodies attending. You will assemble a five-step adjustment for autograph a absolute accident administration action assay as categorical in Chapter 14 that accommodate these basal elements. 1. Botheration statement: Defines the botheration addressed in the analysis 2. Background: Provides absolute advice bare to accept the problem 3. Landscape: Reviews the assorted stakeholders and their concerns 4. Options: Describes and analyzes several options to abode the problem 5. Recommendation: Offers options as the best accomplishments to pursue This activity will be presented in PowerPoint style, as you will be appointment your angle to this accumulation of hospital employees, lath members, and called groups. Requirements Writer outlines a plan for reacting to accustomed and/or counterfeit disasters that aftereffect in accumulation casualties. Writer explains assorted causes of medical errors and how a systems access to the botheration is needed. Writer thoroughly analyzes how the new systems access to medical errors in the hospital will amuse all stakeholders; advance results, and how success will be measured. A step-by-step plan for accomplishing of your angle and advice of the after-effects is provided. Writer describes how the new systems access for the hospital will accommodated the patient’s needs, priorities and expectations in a abode that exemplifies the ethics of respect, compassion, justice, and association pride in the hospital. Please be abiding to analysis the assorted Academic Tools to abetment you with affair APA expectations for accounting Assignments.

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