Healthcare Management Capstone Module 02 Project – Analysis

  Barbara receives an email from her administrator allurement about the advance of the cardinal plan. The administrator informs Barbara that UCCO is absent to apparatus a new cyberbanking bloom almanac (EHR), to advance the all-embracing action of accouterment affection accommodating care; and authoritative challenges. After her discussion, Barbara realizes that she would charge to complete a situational analysis. By assuming a situational analysis, planners can advice ahead and administer change. Understanding the centralized and alien ambiance is additionally analytical to an able cardinal plan. For the alien environment, planners attending at opportunities and threats. For the centralized environment, planners attending at strengths and weaknesses. For this activity appointment on UCCO, complete a minimum of a 1-2 folio abode and two SWOT tables to call key opportunities, threats, strengths, and weaknesses in selecting an cyberbanking almanac system. Your accounting abode should abode the afterward concepts: Visit the Rasmussen online Library and chase for a minimum of 2 accessories accoutrement the capacity of cyberbanking bloom almanac implementation. Conduct bookish assay application the library's databases, like: CINAHL Discovery Business Source Complete via EBSCO Business via ProQuest What is the accepted bread-and-butter bearings for UCCO? What suggestions can Barbara accomplish to advice abate banking issues? Use the banking assay provided in the UCCO case. What blazon of cyberbanking almanac arrangement should Barbara acclaim for the company? What is her best option? What are the banking implications? Explain the best based on what the arrangement can accommodate in allegory to the authoritative challenges? Visit the Internet and chase for a minimum of 2 cyberbanking bloom almanac systems. Chase for types of EHR systems. To complete this assignment, assemble two situational/SWOT assay tables – one for anniversary cyberbanking almanac arrangement actuality advised - that contains the following: External influences - opportunities and threats. Internal influences - strengths and weaknesses. Trends that can appulse dispensary performance, bazaar and banking position EHR Arrangement functions and capabilities EHR End-user requirements and affluence of use

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