How should physicians be reimbursed for the affliction they provide? This highly-debated affair can be answered in a array of ways, and no one acknowledgment fits all convenance settings. Let's booty a added dive into this affair and investigate the banking appulse of application productivity, quality, and banking measures to actualize a agreement structure. A ample ancestors convenance accumulation is affair to altercate restructuring their acquittal model. The convenance has four physicians, anniversary with a altered accommodating population: Dr. Andrews: ample pediatric accommodating base, full-spectrum obstetrics/gynecology Dr. Brown: geriatrics, ache management Dr. Cascara: accepted ancestors practice, corrective laser procedures Dr. Dole: accepted ancestors practice, low-risk obstetrics/gynecology As the dispensary manager, you comedy an alive role in the circadian accomplishing of managing the accommodating populations and ensuring authentic agreement is processed. The convenance manager, Jane, has asked to accommodated with you to apprehend your thoughts on restructuring the physician acquittal model. Compare and adverse the appulse of application abundance measures amid the four physicians. Briefly answer which abundance measures could account anniversary physician, and why. Discuss how affection measures could be acclimated to actuate reimbursement. Which physicians would this currently benefit? Which ability attempt in this area, and why? (Note: you will charge to accept fabulous advice to anatomy this response).

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