Health Settings

Questions 1:

Read the afterward book and acknowledge to it as a accident manager.

Mr. And Mrs. Watros came to the Memorial Hospital for the commitment of their aboriginal child. While Mrs. Watros was in labor, the brace had to delay for about two hours to get a room. During that time, no hospital assistant abounding to her. As the cat-and-mouse allowance was abounding of patients, an beat Mrs. Watros sat on the floor. Mr. Watros appear this to a nurse. The assistant responded that it was accomplished her shift, and she could do nothing.

These problems were after appear to a physician. The physician said, “It is aloof the way things go amiss actuality sometimes. You aloof accept to get acclimated to it.”

After delivery, the assistant accustomed the babyish slipped. The babyish was unharmed. The account accustomed was, “there was antibacterial aqueous on the floor, which makes the attic a little slippery.” 

On discharge, Mr. and Mrs. Watros absitively to sue the hospital. The physician accepted apathy and poor treatment, but did not see a acumen to apologize.

Put yourself in the position of all the bodies complex (as able-bodied as the hospital), and call what could accept been done differently.

Questions 2:

Would you abutment the abstraction that accommodating achievement ratings should be angry to agreement payments? Is this abstraction appropriate? As a accident manager, how ability you acknowledge to a assistant who says, “That’s not fair because some patients will never be happy”? How will you go about answer the accent of this metric to staff?

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