Health Promotion survey

What I appetite you to do: Create a bloom advance survey. Then, abide a address account your activated practice. Scenario: You plan to conduct a needs appraisal for a new bloom advance affairs for California State University. Because there is bound accessory data, alternative than civic abstracts on academy students, you absitively to analysis a accidental sample of CSU acceptance application a accounting apparatus (a survey). Activity: (3 PARTS TO COMPLETE) PART 1 Create a abstract of this analysis that includes questions that will aggregate abstracts about the student’s bloom behavior and demographic characteristics. Follow the guidelines in affiliate 5 for diction your questions and presentation of the instrument. PART 2 Pretest your analysis on two (2) of your friends, colleagues, or classmates. Make changes based on the acknowledgment you receive. If there are all-encompassing changes, a additional pretest should be conducted. PART 3 Administer the analysis to three (3) CSU students. The adjustment called (mail, e-mail, telephone) should fit the attributes of the abstracts to be aggregate and the objectives of the survey. Identify any flaws you see in your check and call your allegation and acquaintance with this action in branch form. Attach your aboriginal abstract analysis (pretest) AND your final abstract (pilot test) to your action report. 

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