Health Promotion And Disease Prevention Population-Specific Final Paper Submission

During this assignment, you will be asked to altercate the concepts of bloom advance and ache prevention, apropos this advice to the role of the APRN and applying it to the accessible citizenry you called during Anniversary 1. In Anniversary 6, you submitted a asperous abstract of your cardboard and accustomed acknowledgment from faculty, so amuse accomplish abiding you absorb those comments forth with administration you accustomed from SmartThinking, Pearson Autograph Center, and the Library.

Health Advance and Ache Blockage Population-Specific Paper

This cardboard was to be developed throughout the aboriginal six to nine weeks of the course, with an befalling to abide a asperous abstract for acknowledgment during Anniversary 6 and your final acquiescence due this week, in Anniversary 10. The ambition of this appointment is twofold: 1) for you to authenticate an compassionate of the key concepts of bloom advance and ache blockage as accompanying to the role of the APRN while applying this advice to a specific accessible population; and 2) for you to accept an befalling to advance your autograph and APA formatting abilities through adroitness acknowledgment and the appliance of assorted accoutrement actuality at Regis (that is, Regis Library and staff, SmartThinking, Pearson Autograph Center, etc.).

The adroitness at Regis appetite you to be successful. Actuality able to present not alone your thoughts but evidence-based convenance advice in a concise, systematic, and bright address will be a aptitude that serves you well.

The cardboard is to be bristles to eight pages in length, not including the appellation page, attachments, and advertence pages.

The cardboard will be disconnected into four sections.

  1. Section 1 (Content can be begin in Anniversary 1)
    1. Introduction
      1. WHO’s analogue of health
      2. Concepts of health, bloom promotion, and behavior change options
      3. Vulnerable individuals and populations
    2. Historical Perspectives of Health
    3. Healthy Bodies Initiative – all-embracing arbitrary of the initiative
    4. Levels of Prevention
      1. Primordial
      2. Primary
      3. Secondary
      4. Tertiary
      5. Quaternary
    5. The role of nursing, accurately APRNs, in bloom advance and ache prevention
  2. Section 2 (Content can be begin in Anniversary 2 and 3)
    1. Vulnerability as a concept
    2. Health disparities
    3. Cultural adequacy as a provider
    4. Defining animation and applying to the vulnerable
    5. Advocacy role as a provider
    6. Vulnerable people, groups, populations, and civic views: Blackmailer against victim (Mechanic and Tanner, 2005)
  3. Section 3 (Content can be begin in Anniversary 2 through 4. Don’t balloon to use the media/website/video links, as they will accommodate a lot of abundant information). Focus on your specific accessible citizenry group
    1. Introduce your accessible population: blackmailer or victim?
    2. Social amends accompanying to your population
    3. Low articulacy aural your citizenry and how this affects their health
    4. Evaluate your accessible citizenry accompanying to accepted Healthy Bodies Initiative guidelines.
    5. Discuss one primary bloom affair for your citizenry and accommodate the antitoxin guideline accompanying to this affair and how you ability actuate this accumulation to accomplish behavioral changes.
    6. Discuss use of Association Based Participatory Research (CBPR) with your accessible citizenry – pros and cons. How can community-level plans/interventions access alone and ancestors health?
    7. Discuss what assets are accessible aural your association for your specific citizenry and accessible populations in general.
  4. Section 4
    1. The cessation of your cardboard should accompany all your advice together.
    2. Discuss an access for convalescent bloom articulacy aural your population
    3. Discuss how, as an APRN, you can appulse accessible individuals in your community.
    4. Conclude with a arbitrary of how we as a nation are accomplishing with bloom advance and ache prevention.

Note: This appointment is to be submitted in an APA cardboard architecture (that is, appellation page, title, addition and purpose statement, anatomy of the cardboard with a conclusion, adapted citations and advertence page(s) forth with attachments) as was your SmartThinking Report. Amuse accomplish abiding that ALL paragraphs are able-bodied developed, and accept bristles to six sentences each, with citations for validity.

Please accredit to the Grading Rubric for capacity on how the final acquiescence of cardboard will be graded.

Writing Appointment Rubric

Note: Scholarly assets are authentic as evidence-based practice, peer-reviewed journals; arbiter (do not await alone on your arbiter as a reference); and National Standard Guidelines. Review appointment instructions, as this will accommodate any added requirements that are not accurately listed on the rubric.

Writing Appointment Explanation – 100 PointsCriteriaExemplary
Exceeds ExpectationsAdvanced
Meets ExpectationsIntermediate
Needs ImprovementNovice
InadequateTotal PointsContent of PaperThe biographer demonstrates a well-articulated compassionate of the accountable amount in a clear, complex, and advisory manner. The cardboard agreeable and theories are able-bodied developed and affiliated to the cardboard requirements and activated experience. The cardboard includes accordant actual that fulfills all objectives of the paper.

Cites bristles or added references, appliance at atomic two new bookish assets that were not provided in the advance materials.

All apprenticeship requirements noted.

30 pointsThe biographer demonstrates an compassionate of the accountable matter, and apparatus of the cardboard are accurately represented with explanations and appliance of ability to accommodate evidence-based practice, ethics, theory, and/or role. Advance abstracts and bookish assets abutment adapted concepts. The cardboard includes accordant actual that fulfills all objectives of the paper.

Cites four references.

All apprenticeship requirements noted.

26 pointsThe biographer demonstrates a abstinent compassionate of the accountable amount as apparent by apparatus of the cardboard actuality abbreviated with basal appliance to evidence-based practice, theory, or role-development. Advance agreeable is present but missing abyss and or development.

Cites three references.

Most apprenticeship requirements are noted.

23 pointsAbsent appliance to evidence-based practice, theory, or role development. Use of advance agreeable is superficial.

Demonstrates abridged compassionate of agreeable and/or bare preparation.

Content of cardboard is inaccurately portrayed or missing.

Cites two or beneath references.

Missing some apprenticeship requirements.

20 points30Analysis and Amalgam of Cardboard Agreeable and MeaningThrough analytical analysis, the submitted cardboard provides an accurate, clear, concise, and complete presentation of the adapted content.

Information from bookish assets is synthesized, accouterment new advice or acumen accompanying to the ambience of the appointment by accouterment both admiring and another advice or viewpoints.

All apprenticeship requirements noted.

30 pointsPaper is complete, accouterment affirmation of added amalgam of advance agreeable via bookish resources.

Information is actinic to advice accomplish cardboard requirements. The agreeable supports at atomic one viewpoint.

All apprenticeship requirements noted.

26 pointsPaper lacks description or new information. Bookish advertence supports the agreeable after abacus any new advice or insight. The paper’s agreeable may be ambagious or unclear, and the arbitrary may be incomplete.

Most apprenticeship requirements are noted.

23 pointsSubmission is primarily a accretion of the appointment after added amalgam of advance agreeable or assay of the scenario.

Demonstrates abridged compassionate of agreeable and/or bare preparation.

Missing some apprenticeship requirements.

Submits appointment late.

20 points30Application of KnowledgeThe arbitrary of the cardboard provides advice authentic via bookish assets that action a multidisciplinary approach.

The student’s appliance in convenance is authentic and plausible, and added bookish resource(s) acknowledging the appliance is provided.

All questions airish aural the appointment are answered in a well-developed address with citations for validation.

All apprenticeship requirements noted.

30 pointsA arbitrary of the paper’s content, findings, and ability acquired from the appointment is presented.

Student indicates how the advice will be acclimated aural their able practice.

All apprenticeship requirements noted.

26 pointsObjective belief are not acutely used, acceptance for a added apparent appliance of agreeable amid the appointment and the broader advance content.

Student’s adumbration of how they will administer this new ability to their analytic convenance is vague.

Most apprenticeship requirements are noted.

23 pointsThe appliance of ability is decidedly lacking.

Student’s adumbration of how they will administer this new ability to their analytic convenance is not activated or feasible.

Demonstrates abridged compassionate of agreeable and/or bare preparation.

Application of ability is incorrect and/or apprentice fails to explain how the advice will be acclimated aural their claimed practice.

Missing several apprenticeship requirements.

Submits appointment late.

20 points30OrganizationWell-organized agreeable with a bright and circuitous purpose account and agreeable argument. Autograph is abridged with a analytic breeze of ideas.

5 pointsOrganized agreeable with an advisory purpose account and admiring agreeable and arbitrary statement. Altercation agreeable is developed with basal issues in agreeable flow.

4 pointsPoor organization, and breeze of account abstract from content. Narrative is difficult to chase and frequently causes clairvoyant to reread work.

Purpose account is noted.

3 pointsIllogical breeze of ideas. Missing cogent content. Prose rambles. Purpose account is cryptic or missing.

Demonstrates abridged compassionate of agreeable and/or bare preparation.

No purpose statement.

Submits appointment late.

2 points5APA, Grammar, and SpellingCorrect APA formatting with no errors.

The biographer accurately identifies account audience, as approved by adapted accent (avoids abracadabra and simplifies circuitous concepts appropriately).

Writing is concise, in alive voice, and avoids awkward transitions and overuse of conjunctions.

There are no spelling, punctuation, or word-usage errors

5 pointsCorrect and constant APA formatting of references and cites all references used. No added than two different APA errors.

The biographer demonstrates actual acceptance of academic English accent in book construction. Variation in book anatomy and chat acceptance promotes readability.

There are basal to no grammar, punctuation, or word-usage errors.

4 pointsThree to four different APA formatting errors.

The biographer occasionally uses awkward book architecture or overuses/inappropriately uses circuitous book structure. Problems with chat acceptance (evidence of incorrect use of thesaurus) and punctuation persist, generally causing some difficulties with grammar. Some words, capricious phrases, and conjunctions are overused.

Multiple grammar, punctuation, or chat acceptance errors.

3 pointsFive or added different formatting errors or no attack to architecture in APA.

The biographer demonstrates bound compassionate of academic accounting accent use; autograph is chatty (conforms to announced language).

The biographer struggles with bound cant and has adversity carrying acceptation such that alone the broadest, best accepted letters are presented.

Grammar and punctuation are consistently incorrect. Spelling errors are numerous.

Submits appointment late.

2 points5Smart Thinking ReportA new SmartThinking address was submitted with the student’s paper. The recommendations from the SmartThinking Address were activated to the final paper.

The apprentice receives all becoming credibility for this assignment.N/A

N/AA new SmartThinking Address was not submitted with the student’s final paper.

The apprentice will accept a aught for this assignment.Total Points100 

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