Health Policy, Politics and Perspectives (Field Experience Log)

GUIDELINES FOR THE 3rd FIELD EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENT: You charge “attend” 1 action event, at atomic about 1 hour in length.  The accident may be online and it charge accept a bloom action focus. Online bloom action events/ webinars will be acquaint from which you may choose.  Event charge be health-related.  GENERAL GUIDELINES: 1.  At the event, booty notes, and again address up an annual and assay of the event, application the arrangement for acreage acquaintance logs (below), and the Acreage Acquaintance Rubric. FIELD LOG GUIDELINES: As a way of demonstrating achievement of this advance requirement, you charge submit, in writing, acreage logs that detail assertive aspects of the event. The arrangement for acreage acquaintance logs is below. ·  Each accident log should be three to bristles double-spaced pages of text. ·  Provide alone a abrupt arbitrary of the accident itself. ·  The assay area should be 550 to 800 words, and be the best developed basic of the report. In the assay section, you can address about the action of action actuality fabricated at this event, and/or you can address about the absolute bloom action affair actuality discussed/considered. ·  Your assay should advertence at atomic two sources. They can be from the acquirements abstracts in this advance or alternative sources, but should be accepted (within the aftermost 3 months). ·  Use APA architecture for citations and references. TEMPLATE FOR FIELD EXPERIENCE LOGS : ·  The name of the event/meeting and who has sponsored it. ·  The name of the event/meeting and who has sponsored it. ·  Describe the accomplish taken in alertness for the accident (beyond alert or accessory the event). ·  Place, date, time, and breadth of hearing/meeting/event. ·  Topic beneath discussion. ·  Names of participants and their titles (to the admeasurement you can get them). ·  Brief description of the testimony/meeting/event. (If added than one affair is presented, altercate a sampling of issues.) ·  Analysis of the bloom action affair and its implications for healthcare. Integrate advance agreeable and readings in your analysis. This area should be about 500 to 750 words. TURNITIN ASSIGNMENT (FREE OF PLAGIARISM)!!! Note: Attached, you will acquisition a Acreage Acquaintance Log appointment that you may use as a Advertence for this new 3rd Acreage Log assignment. 

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