health issue for older individuals

coursework  Urgency 12 to 18 hours  No. of Pages/Wordcount 3 page(s)/825 Words Style APA Style As of 2014 bloom affliction expenditures in the United States are abreast 17% of our gross calm artefact (GDP), with a above allocation of Medicare allotment goes appear abiding affliction and affliction at the aftermost 6 months of life. The Patient Protection and Affordable Affliction Act has fabricated some antecedent aldermanic changes in our bloom system, but not acceptable to abode our growing expenditures and caring for our ample crumbling population. In this assignment, learners will amalgamate issues in crumbling with bloom action solutions by autograph a cardboard on one bloom affair for earlier individuals addressed in the affair and alms a action solution. Write a cardboard that addresses a bloom affair for earlier individuals. Include the following: Evaluate what the abstract suggests as a resolution to your called issue. Discuss any attempts to absorb the band-aid into accessible policy. Determine the barriers to accomplishing of the solution. Analyze the options actuality discussed for accessible and/or clandestine funding. Propose your own recommendation

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