health care policymaking

Imagine that you are a hospital ambassador speaking to a stakeholder accumulation of bodies in your association including bounded policymakers, leaders and anxious citizens about bazaar failures and the role of government and abode circuitous healthcare behavior so they will accept how healthcare action is created and helps them. You ambition to abode how your hospital would like to admonition the association abode the opioid crisis affecting the association and arena and explain how the association could help. Government action is based on the appropriate absorption or accessible absorption theories. The accessible absorption approach focuses on ability in the bazaar and the appropriate absorption approach levels the arena acreage in the aldermanic marketplace. Instructions In your accent to stakeholders in the association you accommodate a action assay and accommodate abreast admonition that relates to a accessible action accommodation and accommodate a recommended advance of action/inaction, and should be affected by the client’s admiral and values. In your accent to stakeholders you explain some examples of the aspects of the botheration that a action analyst may consider. In your accent to stakeholders you accommodate 3–5 options for a association to consider. You additionally explain some abeyant belief for evaluating your action options. The cardboard should be accounting in APA format, accommodate at atomic four references, and should 3-4 pages in breadth not including the appellation folio and references folio and should accommodate at atomic four references. 

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