Health Care Management

Week 3 Written Assignment - The Black News

You are to address "the black news" in a class. Your account address charge present a account account or accepted accident that is pertinent to all-embracing health). Please do not address a account article - address "the news" from a newspaper, website, TV, or alternative source. CNN or BBC account ability be abnormally interesting. After you address the news, accord your thoughts and opinions about how what you appear could affect bloom organizations and administration of those organizations. In befitting with accepted trends in account reporting, you may accomplish ‘the news' fun and entertaining. Prepare your account address as follows:

  1. Source [2 points]
  2. Concisely accompaniment the account in your own words - e.g., who, what, where, when, why. (1/2 page) [2 points]
  3. Explain how you anticipate bloom organizations and bloom affliction administration could be afflicted by what you reported. Describe at atomic 3 specific means that bloom organizations and their administration could be afflicted by what you read. What should bloom affliction managers do? (1/2 page) [4 points]
  4. Personal absorption - how does this affair appulse you alone and/or professionally (1/2 page) [2 points]

Total: 10 Points

Be abiding to accommodate your name, the date of the account account and the antecedent (CNN, BBC, Local News).

This Drop Box is set to "Peer Review" so you all may apprehend anniversary other's account items.

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