Health Care Environment & Systems Paper

Select a bloom affliction ambiance or commitment arrangement and explores the issues accompanying to that accurate ambiance (military, abiding care, astute affliction systems, etc.). Introduce the organization/facility selected, the accreditation status, and the boilerplate circadian census, casework provided, the association it serves. How does this alignment fit into the US bloom system? How does bloom action appulse this facility? Explain the facility’s governance, finances, and reimbursement methods. What are the challenges faced by the ability due to new trends/policies? Explain how the Affordable Affliction Act impacts the organization/facility.

This cardboard needs to chase APA guidelines, double-spaced and includes headings and should be 8-12 pages (not including the appellation folio and advertence page). A minimum of eight accepted (less than bristles years) references from peer-reviewed journals are required. 

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