Health Assessment Day Four Assignment

D.F. is a 37-year-old woman who presents to the emergency administration afterwards accepting a seizure.

Subjective Data
PMH: Seizures, alien type
Feels weak
No accident of consciousness

Objective Data
Vital signs: T 37 P 72 R 18 BP 114/64
Lungs: bright all bases
O2 Sat = 100%
CV = affection amount regular, absolute borderline pulses

  1. What alternative questions should the assistant ask about the seizures?
  2. What alternative assessments are all-important for this patient?
  3. What are some of the causes of seizures?
  4. Develop a botheration account from cold and abstract data.
  5. What should be included in the plan of care?
  6. What alternative accident factors are associated with this presentation?
  7. Based on the readings and the abstract and cold data, this accommodating best acceptable had what blazon of seizure?

Summarize your answers in an APA formatted paper

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