Health Assessment and Promotion

The best contempo accommodating I provided nursing affliction for was a 77-year-old African American macho who came in with a arch complaint of adapted brainy status. He was diagnosed with Septic Shock and Urinary Tract Infection.  He has a past medical bloom history of anxiety, cardiovascular accident, diabetes mellitus blazon 2, dysphagia, larboard hip breach and anemia.  He was accepted on the telemetry attic on January 10, 2019 and was transferred to the accelerated affliction assemblage on January 13, 2019 due to hypotension and tachycardia.  Laboratory after-effects showed a Lactic Acid of 7.69, White Claret Cell calculation jumped from 9.6 to 45.8, Hemoglobin alone from 9.3 g/dL to 7.8 g/dL.  The antecedent basic signs back this accommodating was transferred to the ICU was: Claret Pressure: 78/59, Heart Rate: 130, Respiration Rate: 24, Oxygen Assimilation of 88% and Temperature: 100.4 degrees F.  Upon the antecedent head-to-toe assessment, there was an amoral associated dermatitis (IAD) begin in the coccyx breadth and both heels had a abysmal tissue abrasion (DTI).  A Sepsis Protocol was accomplished which includes (1) Obtaining lactate level, (2) access claret cultures afore administering antibiotics, (3) Once the claret cultures are obtained, administrate broad-spectrum antibiotics (Zosyn was given), (4) and aqueous resuscitation. Aqueous resuscitation did not assignment afterwards a 2-liter accustomed acrid bolus was given.  Thus, the accommodating was started on a vasopressor, norepinephrine (Levophed), to advance a systolic claret burden greater than 90.  Additionally, because the accommodating was desaturating beneath 88%, an Arterial Claret Gas (ABG) was acquired and the after-effects showed that the accommodating was in respiratory acidosis. Thus, the accommodating was placed on a BiPap to actual his oxygen assimilation level.*** 

The advice aloft should advice with this discussion.  Please feel chargeless to carbon this (especially if I fabricated any grammatical errors).


Discussion Overview

Think about a contempo accommodating that you accept provided nursing care. How can the bloom history chronicle to analytic blockage for that specific patient? How can you as the assistant apostle for your accommodating to accept effective, efficient, cost-effective and candid care?

Your antecedent column charge be acquaint afore you can appearance and acknowledge to colleagues, charge accommodate minimum of two (2) references, in accession to examples from your claimed adventures to augment the topic. The ambition is to accomplish your column absorbing and agreeable so others will appetite to read/respond to it. Synthesize and abridge from your assets in adjustment to abstain the use of absolute quotes, which can generally be dry and boring. No absolute quotes are accustomed in the altercation lath posts.

Post a anxious acknowledgment to at atomic two (2) alternative colleagues' antecedent postings. Responses to colleagues should be admiring and accessible (examples of an adequate animadversion are: "This is absorbing - in my practice, we advised or bound (diagnosis or issue) with (x, y, z meds, theory, administration principle) and according to the literature..." and add admiring reference. Abstain comments such as "I agree" or "good comment."

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