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   Cultural adequacy is a action that is abstruse and requires self-awareness, cogitating practices, and ability of cultural issues (Ball et al., 2019).  Healthcare providers charge to apprentice to be acute to a patient’s heritage, animal preferences, socioeconomic situation, and ethnicity (Ball et al., 2019).  The purpose of this altercation is to explain the specific socioeconomic, spiritual, lifestyle, and cultural factors of a 32-year-old lesbian abundant female, and to call the issues that I would charge to be acute too back interacting with this patient. Lifestyle and Cultural Factors  The specific socioeconomic factors for the 32-year-old lesbian abundant changeable is unknown; however, there is a adventitious that the accommodating is at atomic in the average chic continuing as she was able to accommodate a agent donor for her pregnancy.  On the alternative hand, changeable couples are additionally usually on their own financially and medically apropos labs, ultrasounds, sperm, and able ability (Singer, 2012).  The airy agency is additionally adamantine to actuate with this patient, but allurement questions such as “Is there adoration or acceptance which you partake in?” can be accessible in free airy amalgamation (Ball et al., 2019).  One affairs agency that is associated with this accommodating is that she is a abundant lesbian.  I anticipate that creating a adequate ambiance and additionally acquirements new patterns of behavior and finer applying them in the actual settings can advice patients with assurance (CDC, 2015).  According to Singer (2012), for lesbian women, assurance is accustomed back a healthcare able has the aesthetics to advance admittance and cultural sensitivity. Sensitive Issues  The two capital acute issues to accumulate in apperception with this 32-year-old lesbian abundant women is her animal acclimatization and pregnancy.  Both categories are advised to be acute because oftentimes, bloom affliction providers are usually advised heterosexisms, which agency that they tend to see the apple in the appearance of heterosexual agreement and abstain homosexuality (Singer, 2012).  Therefore, as a medical provider, I charge to bethink to do the adverse of heterosexism and ask questions such as “Tell me the adventure of how you became pregnant, this catechism takes the providers assumptions out of the blueprint and allows for a added understanding” (Singer, 2012, p. 38).  The provider additionally needs to abstain hetero-assumptive chat and advance advancing questions, which allows the accommodating to accessible up about their animal character and ancestors assemble (Singer 2012).  Five Targeted Questions Tell me the adventure of how you became pregnant? Is this your aboriginal pregnancy? Any specific illnesses or problems apropos your accepted pregnancy? Tell me ancestors history apropos pregnancies? When was your best contempo pap apply and HPV test, and accept you had any gynecologic abnormalities? References Ball, J. W., Dains, J. E., Flynn, J. A., Solomon, B. S., & Stewart, R. W. (2019). Seidel's adviser to  physical examination: An interprofessional access (9th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier Mosby. Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention (CDC). (2015). Cultural competence. Retrieved             from Singer, B. R. (2012). Improving prenatal affliction for abundant lesbians. International Journal of Childbirth Education, 27(4), 37–40. Retrieved from https://search-ebscohost- I charge a acknowledgment to this post 1 page  two references

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