health and wellness

Choose 2 of the 5 absorbed profiles and address at atomic a 1,050-word Bloom and Wellness Arbitrary (OR at atomic 500-550-word for anniversary individual).   In your summary, accommodate the afterward capacity (USE HEADERS FOR EACH SECTION): An antecedent appraisal of the person's bloom based on the contour characteristics. Identify & explain accident factors that this being may face. At atomic 2 suggestions to advance their specific bloom and wellness.    Cite 2 web assets you may accelerate this being to argue based on your suggestions.  No duplication of web resources.  Provide abrupt descriptions of what anniversary offers & accommodate a absolute articulation &/or acquaintance information. Include a abrupt addition & absolute statement  Include a account of the references that you cited in your discussions.   ryan      age 55 Occupation:long-distancetruckdriver   Lifestyle:smokes1packofcigarettesa day, eats mainly fast aliment and candy snacks. Aerial cholesterol. BMI = 30   Family history: affection ache and aerial cholesterol   Fitnessplan:occasionalwalks,noregular concrete activity        Jerry age 25 Occupation: unemployed   Lifestyle: smokes 2 packs a day and drinks booze every day (5+ drinks per day). Diet includes mostly fast aliment or arctic meals. BMI = 20   Family history: alien   Fitness plan: none  martha  age 75       Occupation: retired   Lifestyle: lives alone, diet includes a mix of advantageous aliment and able aliment and snacks. BMI = 23   Family history: affection disease, breast and colon cancer, aerial cholesterol, branch ache   Fitness plan: casual walks- beneath than 2 afar per anniversary    

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