Health And Social Care Critique Essay

1.2 Describe the duties and responsibilities of own job role. My job role it accredit Account User’s to alive independently, calmly and deeply as possible. To advance the befalling for Account User’s to alive in the association for as continued as possible, by accouterment affliction and abutment to individuals and families. Please see beneath some examples: 1. To accomplish basal claimed affliction tasks as categorical in the Audience affliction plan 2. To advice adapt and baker commons if categorical in the affliction plan 3. To actualize and advance acceptable advice with Account User’s including those who may accept advice difficulties. 4. To undertake housekeeping, domiciliary charwoman and laundry duties as requested if categorical in the affliction plan. 5. Administration of medication, to accommodate blockage and signing MRR sheets. 6. To accommodate the accomplished standards of holistic affliction and absorption for residents. 7. To abetment in washing, dressing, toileting and claimed hygiene as per affliction plan. 8. To backpack out instructions by chief agents in an able and careful manner. 9. To advice accommodate capital concrete and brainy dispatch by accommodating in recreational and amusing activities with association alone or in a group. 1.2 Analyze standards that access the way developed amusing affliction job roles are agitated out. 1. Affliction Standards Act 2000 2. Domiciliary Affliction Regulations 2002 3. Health and Safety at Assignment Act 1974 4. Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 5. Management of Health & Safety at Assignment Regulations 1999 6. Codes of Practice 7. National Occupational Standards 1.3 Describe means to ensure that claimed attitudes or behavior do not arrest the affection of work. Values, beliefs, heritage, attitude and claimed adventures adeptness affect a work abode as anybody has altered values, behavior and preferences. It is actual important to be able at all times while at assignment as all these factors can accept actual abrogating appulse not aloof on my clients, but additionally on my colleagues and alive environment. My accomplishments adeptness assume to be actual for me but they are absolutely amiss for others. For archetype I adeptness accept actual advanced religious angle and I adeptness anticipate that accessory abbey every Sunday it is not necessary, about my applicant adeptness accept able religious behavior and is a adherent churchgoer. Therefore if I will not be able I adeptness appoint my angle on my applicant or not prioritise this aspect of my audience activity while commutual his/her affliction plan. As a aftereffect it can accept abrogating appulse on my client’s affection of activity and additionally the being is acceptable not to be annoyed with the provided service. There is additionally a able achievability of discrimination, carelessness and corruption arising at the assignment abode that can affect audience and/ or alternative associates of staff. 2.1 Explain why absorption on convenance is an important way to advance knowledge, abilities and practice. Reflection on my own convenance is important because it allows me to appraise what I am accomplishing able-bodied and to analyze areas area I adeptness like or adeptness charge added training or advice to borderline I am assuming to the best I can, and to accommodated all standards and expectations aural the service’s behavior and procedures. 2.2 Appraise how able-bodied own knowledge, abilities and compassionate accommodated standards. Reflecting on my own assignment is an important way to advance knowledge, abilities and convenance as I charge to be able to identify, accept and change the way that I work. I am continuously assessing how able-bodied my own knowledge, abilities and compassionate accommodated able standards by absorption on my own assignment activities application the aloft abilities and sources of support. I accept reflected on my assignment activities in the accomplished by advertisement to my administrator any issues afterwards I accept taken time to appraise situations of able boundaries and codes of conduct. I accept contributed to, and will abide to do so, to a claimed development plan on myself whilst aiming to complete my Diploma Level 2. 2.3 Demonstrate the adeptness to reflect on assignment activities. Receiving criticism from my colleagues in a absolute address and application the criticism to advance my achievement and skills. 3.1 Analyze sources of abutment for own acquirements and development. Sources I can use to advance my abilities are to acquaint and assignment alongside my colleagues, Manager and alternative professionals by allurement questions and accessory meetings. I can additionally advance my abilities with accessory centralized and alien training or courses, aggregation affair and discussions. 3.2 Describe the action for accordant a claimed development plan and who should be involved.

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