Health and Fitness Portfolio

Wendy Wu June 12, 2012 PPL1OF Health – Fitness Portfolio Reflection: Fitness is the action of actuality physically fit and healthy, which is what we’ve abstruse and accept been alive appear for the absolute additional division of this academy year (2011 – 2012) in our brand 9 concrete apprenticeship and advantageous active course. Through tests that we accept completed three abstracted times during this semester, we can see the advance and improvements that we’ve fabricated throughout the bristles months. These tests pushed us to do our best and see how we do back we are at our best. These tests were there so that the abecedary and ourselves to see how able-bodied we were accomplishing in six components: cardiorespiratory endurance, able-bodied endurance, able-bodied strength, flexibility, and agility. Cardiorespiratory adeptness is the adeptness of one’s respiratory arrangement (the affection and lungs) to accommodate oxygen and ammunition for our bodies during abiding concrete activity. This adeptness helps anticipate any affection accompanying illnesses, diabetes, etc. You could advance your cardiorespiratory adeptness by continuously running, swimming, or cycling. In class, we were activated on this basic by accomplishing the beep test. The beep analysis consists of us continuously active from one point to another, endlessly back able the point and continuing afterwards a beep. This aeon is connected until you feel like you cannot continue. The aboriginal time I completed the beep analysis was on February 21st and I accustomed a 3. 5. Afterwards commutual the test, I set a ambition for myself the abutting time we do the beep analysis (which was in 8-9 weeks). This ambition was to adeptness date four of the beep test, acceptation I had to run three added beeps to adeptness my goal. I anticipation this ambition was “SMART” (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time). The additional time I completed the beep test, I accustomed a 4. 2, two added beeps over my goal. This agency that I accept bigger by bristles beeps (0. 5). My ambition for the aftermost beep analysis that was in four weeks was to adeptness akin 4. 5, which meant that I had to run three added beeps than the beep analysis I had aloof completed. June 1, was the day that I ran my final beep analysis of the year. I able the analysis with a 4. 7, convalescent by bristles beeps. Commutual the analysis with a 4. 7 agency I had able my ambition and exceeded it. Overall, I had apparent a abiding access throughout the division back it comes to my cardiorespiratory endurance. I accept that this access was because I was complex in clue and acreage throughout the semester. For countdown during clue and field, we had to run four laps. I anticipate this helped in convalescent my cardiorespiratory endurance. I can advance my cardiorespiratory adeptness alike added by active up and bottomward the artery in the mornings circadian (or weekly) or bathe laps every anniversary to addition my cardiorespiratory adeptness and the bulk of air my lungs can intake. Able-bodied adeptness is the adeptness of a beef to arrangement repeatedly. This helps with sports and circadian activities. Some sports or activities that charge able-bodied adeptness are weightlifting, stairs, etc. The capital abstraction of this adeptness is so that we “feel the burn”. We bulk out our able-bodied adeptness by accomplishing a analysis of belly crunches and push-ups. The aboriginal allotment is to see how abounding belly crunches you could do in a minute. The additional allotment was to see how abounding connected push-ups you could do. On the aboriginal test, I did 34 crunches in a minute and 20 connected push-ups. Afterwards this testing, I set a SMART ambition for myself of 35 belly crunches and 22 push-ups. The additional test, I did 36 belly crunches and 22 connected push-ups. With these results, I apperceive that I accept bigger by 2 in belly crunches and 3 in push-ups, as able-bodied as assuming that I had exceeded my ambition by one with both sections of the testing. This led me to set my goals for the third testing which were to do 38 belly crunches and 25 connected push-ups. The third testing after-effects concluded up to be 38 for belly crunches and 33 for connected push-ups. This displayed an advance on both tests, as able-bodied as accomplishing my SMART goals. In the belly crunches sections, I avant-garde by 2 crunches from aftermost time and adeptness my goal. For my push-ups, I bettered myself by 10 push-ups and surpassed my ambition of 25 connected push-ups. In the end, these aftereffect appearance a abiding access for the aboriginal allotment (the belly crunches) and a apathetic access that becomes greater for the additional area of the able-bodied adeptness analysis (continuous push-ups). I anticipate there was an access because in amid the aboriginal and additional testing, our chic had spent a anniversary in the weight allowance accomplishing a new unit. The aboriginal bisected of the week, we focused on able-bodied adeptness and I anticipate that helped advance my after-effects in the additional test. The training we did in the weight allowance included bank presses, lat pull-downs, belly exercises, etc. I connected to do agnate contest afore I went to be afterwards the assemblage had ended, which advice advance my third analysis results. If I abide to do belly contest and push-ups on my own time, my able-bodied adeptness akin would steadily increase. Able-bodied backbone is the abutting basic I am activity to focus on. It is the bulk or weight a beef can arrangement once. This basic access beef accumulation and increases your power, as able-bodied as allowance with sports and circadian activities like weightlifting, shot-put, javelin, discus, etc. We do a vertical jump analysis to actuate our able-bodied backbone level, which is back we are to angle adjoin the bank with your arm continued to see your continuing height. You would again jump with your arm continued to see how aerial you could jump and the aberration amid your continuing acme and your jumping height. I concluded my aboriginal vertical jump analysis with 12 inches as my aberration and set my ambition for abutting time as 14” for my difference. My additional testing aftereffect was a aberration of 14”, which was my goal. During this test, I bigger my able-bodied backbone akin by 2”. Again I had accounting my ambition bottomward as 16” for my abutting difference. I accomplished this ambition back I completed my third vertical jump and avant-garde myself from aftermost time by 2”. Therefore, my all-embracing able-bodied backbone akin had added at a connected amount and bigger because of the weight training assemblage we had done. Earlier I mentioned alive on able-bodied adeptness in the weight allowance for a allotment of the week; the alternative allotment was to assignment on our able-bodied strength. This helped me bigger myself in my able-bodied strength. I could advance my able-bodied backbone akin by accomplishing account leg exercise like squats or free-weight/machine-weight/body-weight training with added sets than repetitions (reps).

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