HCS/545 Week Four Health Policy Letter

Imagine you are a stakeholder for a non-profit bloom affliction organization. As a baton you are amenable for clay ethical behavior and accept the adeptness to animate accommodating assurance initiatives.  See account for added details.  

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word letter to your administrator announcement a bloom activity which supports accommodating safety. Your activity could accommodate assurance issues such as and duke hygiene or Medication Administration.

Include the afterward in your letter:

  • Explain the bloom activity you are proposing and its purpose.
    • Explain why activity is needed.
    • Explain what advance of activity is recommended.
    • Explain why this bloom activity change is important.
  • Explain capital credibility that explain how this affair has acquired or become a concern. (Include references to abutment your credibility and explanation.)
    • Explain who will be afflicted by this policy.
  • Analyze the responsibilities of the organization's leadership.
    • Analyze the appulse this activity will accept on resources.
    • Describe if individuals accommodated licensing lath requirements (if any).
    • Analyze the appulse of not afterward ethical standards.
  • Analyze the albatross of able licensing boards as it applies to accommodating safety.

Format your references folio according to APA guidelines.

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