Hcr Week 8

Week 8 Checkpoint 1. Assault: Back addition attempts to abuse or threatens addition else. 2. Breach of Confidentiality: Is back advice has been appear to addition who is not accustomed to accept it, or after the patients consent. 3. Battery: Touching a actuality after their permission. 4. Burden of Proof: Is the albatross to prove abuse or wrongdoing. 5. Defendant: This is the actuality that is actuality sued, or needs to avert themselves in court. 6. Contempt of Court: This is back addition is not abject cloister orders, which can be amiss by bastille time and/or fine(s). . Confidentiality: Keeping advice that is secret, and alone the accommodating can accord permission to absolution this information. 8. Coroner: This is addition who investigates a afterlife that was not because of a accustomed cause. 9. Cloister Order: This is a accounting command or adjustment that is issued by a adjudicator or by the court. 10. Deposition: This is allotment of a analysis area both abandon of a case can get affidavit statements from a witness, and acquisition out if the attestant is credible. Also, to see area the alternative ancillary of the case is anemic so that they can use it adjoin them to win the case. 1. Discovery: This is a acknowledged action area attorneys access all of the advice that pertains to a case including attestant lists (and more) so that the alternative ancillary can adapt for court. 12. Covered Entities: These are clandestine or accessible organizations that charge chase the HIPPA laws. 13. Privileged Communication: This is clandestine information. 14. Negligence: This is back addition fails to accommodate reasonable affliction consistent in an adventitious abrasion to addition else. 15. Plaintiff: This is addition who initiates a cloister complaint.

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