HCM3006 S01 Healthcare Marketing And Strategy W2 Assignment 2: Demand Analysis Briefing And Marketing Campaign

You are the administrator of business for a bounded hospital. The lath of admiral at your hospital has advised the 2011 Institute of Medicine (IOM) report Early Adolescence Blubber Prevention Policies. The alarming statistics quoted in the IOM address declared that “almost 10 percent of breed and toddlers backpack balance weight for their length, and hardly added than 20 percent of accouchement amid the ages of two and bristles already are ample or obese” (IOM, 2011, pg. 1). A assay conducted amid the pediatricians who accept patients to the hospital accurate that breadth accouchement beneath the age of 5 years chase or beat the civic trend of actuality ample or obese.

The lath is actual anxious about adolescence blubber ante for the accouchement in the hospital’s business area. At the aftermost meeting, the lath directed the business administration actuate the appeal for adolescence blubber programs and to assay the IOM address and adduce a business attack to accommodate advice to parents and guardians apropos means to anticipate accouchement from bearing to 5 years of age from acceptable overweight.

Click here to admission the IOM report.

  1. Prepare a demand-analysis conference for the lath of directors. The demand-analysis conference should be no best than 2 pages. You will charge to do some assay to accept the attributes of the broader appeal questions, but you should focus your assay on acutely answer the appeal botheration to the board. Be abiding to ascertain the healthcare appeal botheration in the scenario.
    Here is an outline:
    1. Define the service (1-2 paragraphs). Explain absolutely what the account is, back it should be delivered, and what signals affection to the customer of the service.
    2. Define the demand (2-3 paragraphs). Who are the consumers for this service? Where are they to be found? Are there any customer characteristics that appulse appeal for the service? What are they? How acute is the customer to amount (price elasticity)?
    3. Define the administration of demand (1-2 paragraphs). What are we aggravating to do with the demand—-increase it, abatement it, or administer it in alternative ways? Back you assay the administration of the demand, be abiding to accede not alone what allowances the consumer, but additionally the authoritative action of your focus provider and how the provider can break financially viable.
    4. Demand administration recommendations (1-2 paragraphs). List the accomplish you recommend. What should administration do? Support your recommendations with a bright arbitrary of your antecedent analysis.
  2. Write a 2- to 3-page business attack to altercate the afterward business issues:
    1. Do you anticipate the hospital needs to complete added business assay afore embarking on the campaign?
    2. What announcement media would you advance to be acclimated during the campaign?
    3. What articles or casework could the hospital action to abetment in abbreviation the cardinal of breed and toddlers who are overweight?
    4. Do you apprehend to accomplish any acquirement for the hospital from the campaign?
    5. How continued will the attack last? How continued would you abide to admeasurement the capability of the campaign?

Make abiding you accommodate the appeal assay and the business attack for the Lath of Directors.

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