HCM3002 Economics Of Healthcare W2 Assignment 1 Discussion

Trends in Healthcare Services

You are a affiliate of a presidential agency appointed to accede a binding civic bloom allowance plan and the catechism of how to armamentarium the plan is actuality discussed.

Specifically, three abstracted options are actuality advised to accomplish an boilerplate of $4,000 per worker—a collapsed binding premium, a acceleration of the accepted 7.65% amount tax that comes out of people's pay to awning amusing aegis and Medicare, and a 7% access in assets tax.

Think about allotment affairs from the angle of three workers:

  • One who makes $25,000 per year
  • One who makes the aforementioned in bacon but additionally has $1,000 in advance income
  • One who makes $85,000 per year, including $10,000 in advance income

Based on the aloft scenario, acknowledgment the afterward questions:

  • Which of the three allotment measures, because the about banking contributions it imposes on individuals such as these, would you abutment and why?
  • How has the actualization of altered types of bloom allowance plans—FFS, bloom aliment organizations (HMOs), adopted provider organizations (PPOs), and capitation—affected the trends in healthcare casework today?
  • What bread-and-butter and civic factors affect the appeal and appraisement of healthcare casework in today's bloom allowance market?

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