1. Understanding the musculoskeletal arrangement and employing a holistic access describes _________ medicine.

a. alternative

b. allopathic

c. osteopathic

d. homeopathic

2. To convenance medicine, in best states, a physician charge complete all of the afterward except:

a. complete paid on-the-job training.

b. graduate from a academic educational program.

c. pass a licensing exam.

d. serve as a bloom aide.

3. According to the text, all of the afterward are issues for the medical profession except:

a. quality of care.

b. access to care.

c. managed care.

d. oversupply of physicians.

4. According to the 2007 physician characteristics data, about _________.

a. 91% are men and 8% are women.

b. 49% are men and 50% are women.

c. 71% are men and 29% are women.

d. 55% are men and 44% are women.

5. Gastroenterologists specialize in the analysis and analysis of _________.

a. diseases and disorders of the abdomen and intestine

b. diseases and disorders of the mind

c. acute affliction or injury

d. changes in organs, tissues, and cells

6. Psychiatrists specialize in the analysis and analysis of _________.

a. diseases and disorders of the abdomen and intestine

b. diseases and disorders of the mind

c. changes in organs, tissues, and cells

d. acute affliction or injury

7. Before a surgeon can activate accessible affection surgery, which physician specialist charge assure that the

patient doesn’t feel anything?

a. Anesthesiologist

b. Cardiovascular physician

c. Radiologist

d. Orthopedist

8. Which nursing able performs abounding duties agnate to a physician?

a. RN

b. CNA

c. LPN

d. NP

9. RNs can accept any of the afterward as basal apprenticeship in adjustment to convenance except:

a. certificate.

b. associate’s degree.

c. bachelor of science.

d. hospital authority program.

10. The boilerplate bacon of an RN is _________.

a. $40,000

b. $50,000

c. $60,000

d. $70,000

11. Nurse Convenance Acts _________.

a. contain the states’ requirements for practice

b. specify what educational, clinical, and licensure requirements are all-important to convenance in a state

c. are the aforementioned in all 50 states

d. are waived in abiding care

12. Medical academy charge and fees accept added by ________% in accessible schools back 1984.

a. 50

b. 100

c. 133

d. 66

13. Health administering is anxious about all of the afterward except:

a. patient care.

b. profitability.

c. the bounded EMS system.

d. marketing.

14. A CT _________.

a. uses radiation to aftermath images

b. takes a cross-sectional appearance of a patient’s body

c. resulted in the access of the Consumer-Patient Bloom and Safety Act

d. uses radio after-effects to aftermath images

15. Tests application complete after-effects may be performed by _________.

a. EKG technicians

b. vascular technologists

c. cardiology technologists

d. nuclear anesthetic technologists

16. Medical technicians usually accept a(n) _________.

a. associate’s degree

b. 1-year certi? cate

c. master’s degree

d. bachelor’s degree

17. Coders would atomic acceptable be begin in _________.

a. private announcement practices

b. government agencies

c. medical clinics

d. occupational therapy

18. Activities of circadian active analysis is in the area of the _________.

a. pharmacist

b. occupational therapist

c. physical therapist

d. speech-language pathologist

19. Which pharmacy able about counts tablets and labels bottles?

a. Pharmacy technician

b. Pharmacy aide

c. Pharmacist

d. Pharmacy technologist

20. Which of the afterward occupations does not crave a bachelor’s degree?

a. Respiratory therapist

b. Occupational therapist

c. Optometrist

d. Recreational therapist

21. The convenance of a chiropractor is focused on _________.

a. the spine

b. the foot

c. the eyes

d. the teeth

22. All of the afterward are accurate of optometrists except:

a. they accommodate primary care.

b. they appoint antidotal lenses.

c. they accomplish eye surgery.

d. they administer macular degeneration.

23. Ultrasonography uses complete after-effects to accomplish an angel to appraise and analyze medical conditions. The professionals who performs such tests are alleged __________.

a. imaging technologists

b. nuclear technologists

c. medical sonographers

d. phlebotomists

24. All of the afterward may be areas of convenance for the able in advice technology except:

a. coding of services.

b. risk management.

c. data analysis.

d. website management.

25. Medical transcriptionists can be begin in all of the afterward settings except:

a. hospitals.

b. physicians’ offices.

c. home businesses.

d. cardiovascular labs.

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