Project Planning in Saudi Arabia  In this assignment, you will accept the befalling to use a activity planning apparatus to appearance how you will use advice and acuteness to appearance the activity apparatus for implementing a analysis action at a physician facility.  Review the Rocky Road to Accommodating Achievement at Leonard-Griggs case on pages 423-425 of your textbook. Create a Gantt blueprint (as in Exhibit 3.7 on folio 72 of your textbook) for that activity to appearance the timeline for implementing the analysis at one of the physician practices.  Your Gantt blueprint should accept at atomic ten items in place, alive to accomplish the ambition of instituting a analysis to advance accommodating achievement over a nine-month period.  you charge to accomplish it 4-5 page PLEASE INCLUDE IN-TEXT CITATION    References Crumpton, M. (2015). Strategic Human Resource Planning for Academic Libraries. Information, Technology and Organization.  Journal of Access Services, 13(1), 46–47 Fujioka, W., Howell, K., & Malaske, K. (2013). Strategic Plan for Child Care and Development In Los Angeles County 2013- 18 (1st ed., pp. 3-15). Los Angeles: Office of Child Care. Retrieved from http://www.ceo.lacounty.gov/ccp/pdf/CCPC/CCPC_Strategic%20Plan%20for%202013-2018_5Aug13.pdf Grunig, R., & Khun, R. (2011). Process-Based Strategic Planning (pp. 50-55). Berlin: Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg. Olden, P. (2016). Management of Healthcare Organizations (2nd ed., pp. 49-50). Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press. Steiner, G. A. (2014). Strategic Planning (pp. 227). Simon and Schumer, NewYork, NY: Free Press. 

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