HCA 430: Unit 2 Article Assess & Apply: Healthcare Reimbursement

Every industry offers chargeless web journals, blogs, and e-newsletters that broadcast the latest news, opinion, and trends. In your account Article, Assess, and Administer analysis focus on these non-academic, cable chargeless assets to break accepted on industry challenges, trends, and opportunities, befitting your feel on the banking pulse.  Week 2 Topic: Healthcare Reimbursement Instructions  Review an article from a healthcare affiliated able association, journal, allowance payer, or government alignment on this weeks topic. You are reviewing the commodity to abridge and appraise the advice based on affidavit and your own reasoning. You are not reviewing the commodity to actuate if it was acceptable or bad, but to explain it and chronicle it to the healthcare environment. Use the Commodity Assessment arrangement to abridge the article, administer the concepts to accepted HCA banking administration tasks, and analyze new terminology.   The commodity you baddest charge be accumbent with this weeks topic, accepted (within the aftermost year), and from a aboveboard site. Check out the links beneath for some aboveboard options;  be abiding to baddest an commodity you accept based on your accepted learning.   Each allotment of the arrangement charge be completed as directed and submitted for grading. Research Access the HCA Libguide to acquisition ability actual to use in your writing, forth with admired industry acumen through journal, podcasts, Twitter feeds, and more. Check out the Libguide by beat ECPI Assets from the aeronautics area (left), the Libguide is begin beneath Library; or use this link: http://ecpi.libguides.com/HCA Websites:   CMS.gov  Healthcare Finance News: http://www.healthcarefinancenews.com/   Healthcare Banking Administration Association: https://www.hfma.org/news/   Modern Healthcare: http://www.modernhealthcare.com/section/finance   (Links to an alien site.)
Links to an alien site.
 (Links to an alien site.) National Center for Healthcare Leadership:  http://www.nchl.org/static.asp?path=2853  Beckers Hospital Review:  https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/finance/7-thoughts-on-what-s-next-and-best-in-healthcare-finance.html (Links to an alien site.)
Links to an alien site.

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