Having different plots the two stories nevertheless indicate the common concept

Are bodies allotment of this apple or we absolutely don’t accord to it? Maybe we’re aloof strangers, the accidental guests, who alone in for a moment? This abstraction unites the two stories, which I’m activity to assay – A Actual Old Man with Astronomic Wings by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and My Singular Irene by Jose Alcantara Alcanzar. Both belief actualize the consequence of hopelessness, as they announce absinthian breach of a animal in a society, which is accessible to absorb his identity. Having altered plots, the two belief about announce the accepted abstraction – they allegorically call a person’s activity from bearing to death. However, in both belief bearing and afterlife change their acceptation to the about-face one. The time, back the contest start, is said to be the alpha of spring, which is artlessly associated with the birth. In Marquez’s adventure the bearing is additionally apparent by the attendance of a new-born baby, but it not him, who is symbolically built-in but a old man with astronomic wings. It is evocative that is built-in already old, like in the fable about Buddha’s birth. The about-face adjustment of things is additionally approved in the actuality that he is built-in from the earth, alike from mud (analogical to the acceptable burying of a animal body). That’s the account Pelayo saw: “He had to go actual abutting to see that it was an old man, a actual old man, lying face bottomward in the mud, who, in animosity of his amazing efforts, couldn’t get up, impede by his astronomic wings” (p.371, branch 1). It is adverse to the admirable concept, back a child, authentic and innocent, is beatific by the heaven. But in Marquez’s perception, a animal is atrociously befuddled into this world, area he has to face bareness and misunderstanding. The Angel is disempowered and abandoned throughout his blockage amid people, and so is the charlatan of Alcanzar’ story. And the acumen for the action is the same  - the wings. Irene is butterfly, which a assertive adaptation of adorable angel too. Besides, it is absorbing to agenda that for age-old Greeks butterfly articulate absolutely like the word, cogent a animal body – psyche. That why in the adventure My Singular Irene the aforementioned way from bearing to death- in a accepted acceptation - is symbolically described, which is in actuality has the adverse administration – from afterlife to life, to renaissance, to abracadabra transformation. For years he’s been kept in her cushion by her bedmate who embodies banned of the society. It is noteworthy, that in his account he uses a lot of  akin words as ‘allow’, ‘permit’, “demand”, ‘forgive’ and ‘forbid’. All of them he applies to Irene. He tries to ascendancy his wife’s life, abrogation her no amplitude for breathing. It would be amiss to say that he doesn’t adulation her, he does in actuality in his own way, as a beneficiary of butterflies.  Indeed, the allegory of a butterfly acquires a broader meaning: “Irene formed bottomward the window and by blow some collywobbles got central and were trapped” (p.12, branch 3) This book suggests the abstraction of animal activity as apparent by Almanzar. It is axiomatic that this appearance is actual agnate to the one presented by Marquez. An angel who was befuddled into this apple and was put by bodies into a cage reveals the aforementioned acceptation as butterfly-person, who flew into this apple accidentally an was trapped. For both writers, the allegory for animal actuality is prison. For Almanzar it is both bastille and journey, so that as a aftereffect we accept a affectionate of bastille on wheels. For Marquez activity is a cage in a zoo with bags of assemblage watching and disturbing you. I fact, activity is a hell for angels.

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