Harleydavidson and the Global Motorcycle Industry

 “Case 11: harleydavidson.com and the Global Motorcycle Industry” Harley-Davidson (H-D) motorcycles accept accurate to be a huge success not abandoned by accouterment admirable motorcycles but accessories as able-bodied as the adeptness to accounts through Harley.  The close added their amount 74% abandoned in 1998.  Harley has acquired abounding buying of Buell Motorcycle Company; a architect of action motorcycles based on H-D’s apparatus and ahead accustomed Eaglemark Banking Services., Inc to accommodate banking casework to banker and barter (Peter/Donnelly Jr., (2008), p.354).  H-D’s administration believes that the Internet is a able business apparatus and its website is affectionately alleged the “anti-website” back it encourages visitors to get off-line and assimilate their motorcycles.  The website includes abundant advice on the aggregation articles and had an amazing 1.5 actor visitors in 1997 (Peter/Donnelly Jr., (2008), p. 356). The internet has absolutely afflicted aggregate with new technology. The cast bulletin not abandoned alcove a added admirers than abounding acceptable methods, it additionally alcove the admirers about instantaneously, speaks to its alone needs, and allows the chump to clothier his or her acquaintance appear a continued, claimed accord with the apostle (pcdi, 2010). One acumen the internet is a decidedly acceptable advance average for H-D is because the homepage is acutely user friendly.  The website is artistically developed and captures the acquaintance an buyer of any admeasurement or gender can accept all the while reminding them that H-D additionally produces motorcycles with style, affection and a fit for anyone approach. They baby to both men and women as H-D is not gender bias.  A women is apparent benumbed on a admirable day with a huge smile on her face as to allure changeable visitors to explore, actualize and get on a Harley-Davidson to escape from the accessible accent of accustomed life; “At aloof 5’1” we fabricated Leilanes dream appear true” (Harley-Davidson, 2010).  The additional acumen the internet is a acceptable average is that it builds a able accord with the Harley-Davidson banker networks by agreeable a one to one alternation that evolves beyond the web folio blueprint.  It additionally promotes E-dealer affairs for its dealers and appropriately the barter accretion the affluence of business online. Also apprehend Ducati vs Harley Davidson case study It shows the accomplished affability focus congenital in its business action and assuredly the abstraction adopted will accomplish a archetype about-face from E-commerce to V-commerce (Morris, J. 2002).  The third acumen the internet is a decidedly acceptable advance average is its business capabilities.  I adulation the website and accept several accompany that use the armpit to accumulate up with advice including but not bound to events, attire, bike nights, badge and firefighter sponsors, training programs, account and history.  Harley-Davidson has an accounted 1 actor visitors logging on the website and about 19 actor angle on their web pages (Morris, J. 2002).             Different roles that Harley-Davidson’s web armpit plays for H-D owners is affirmation aloft their individuality and their ability as they are advised as abstracted businesses.  In addition, ensuring aplomb in the barter for online trading because the website contains FAQs which advice in the online arcade affairs and the chump can chose if he/she wants the merchandise/product to be alien to him/her or acquirement from a appointed dealer.  For bodies arcade for a motorcycle they are able to body their best of motorcycle on the H-D website.  For example, I would body a Sportster.  I would alpha by allotment the archetypal and year I would like (i.e. 2010 or 2011), move assimilate acrimonious a banal or customized bike, add my accessories (i.e. chrome, accept to accept chrome!), appraisal my account payment, name my bike, save it, book it, and email my friends. Finally I would appointment the Harley banker of my best and aces up my alarming creation! (Harley-Davidson, 2010).  For bodies artlessly absorbed in motorcycles, Harley-Davidson allows them abounding beyond the lath absolute admission to any and all questions that they could possibly ask.  Harley-Davidson’s website architecture targets the accomplished acquaintance of benumbed which alternative competitors webpage’s do not provide.  With this admission you are able to abduction the accurate spirit of the ride and from there you can cross through the armpit to actualize a bike, attending at bikes for sale, acquirement items for your home or bike, assurance up and babble with owners, or plan a cruise about the apple customized to your bike.  Harley-Davidson’s website is advised with a lot of time, analysis and chump satisfaction.  It is a huge advantage for Harley owners and -to-be buyers. Works Cited: J. Paul Peter/James H. Donnelly, Jr, (2008), Business Management, Knowledge and Skills Eighth Edition. pp. 354-356, McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. J. Paul Peter/James H. Donnelly, Jr, (2008), Business Management, Knowledge and Skills Eighth Edition. Retrieved from online.pcdi.com, BM350_Assignment_07; McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. http://online.pcdi.com/ec/crs/cntentItem.learn?CourseID=2901074&47=6493555&dt=8%2F15%2) . Harley-Davidson. (2010) Harley-Davidson, USA, beheld 15 August 2010, https://customizer.harley-davidson.com/GMA_customizer.jsp?locale=en_US&bmlocale=en_US&locale=en_US&bmLocale=en_US Morris, Jeff. Nov 1, 2002 12:00 PM) Easy Rider, beheld 15 August 2010, http://multichannelmerchant.com/opsandfulfillment/orders/fulfillment_easy_rider/

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