Handling a Project Crisis

  You are a activity manager. During testing, a business user identifies a problem: the activated adaptation lacks a axiological adequacy that, as it turns out, was never identified. This adequacy does not aloof represent a nice-to-have feature; it is basic to the IT deliverable activity in the absolute world. You adjust through your activity administration software, old emails, and affair agendas, but you cannot acquisition the functionality accurate anywhere.  As you dig into the problem, you apprehend that the new functionality the business user is allurement for cannot be delivered accustomed the basal technology that was called for this project. The relational database articular in the activity plan is artlessly too apathetic in advertisement and abstracts alteration to abutment the new functionality.  You altercate the botheration with the activity architect, who suggests two alternatives: Tune the relational abstracts queries and advancement the relational database server. Move all of the abstracts from the relational database to a Big Abstracts repository, such as Hadoop.  As activity manager, your assignment is to address a announcement to the activity sponsor in which you: Succinctly outline the botheration identified Describe the two alternatives listed above Articulate the amount of anniversary another in agreement of its appulse to the schedule, cost, and functionality of the final deliverables Recommend one another over the alternative based on those costs and agenda impacts  To complete this assignment:  Read the afterward accessories to accustom yourself with some of the differences amid Big Abstracts repositories and relational database administration systems: "NoSQL and Hadoop: Document-Based against Relational Databases" ( https://tdwi.org/articles/2017/01/10/nosql-hadoop-document-vs-relational-databases.aspx ) "What is Apache Hadoop?"  ( http://hadoop.apache.org/ ) Write a 2- to 3-page announcement that meets the requirements declared above.  Cite any sources you accommodate in APA format.  Save your assignment as a Microsoft® Word document. 

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