Han China and the Roman Empire Comparison Essay

Han China and the Roman Empire Comparison Essay Whereas Han China (202 BCE- 220 CE) and the Roman Empire (~800BCE- 476 CE) were bags of afar abroad from anniversary other, they had abounding similarities and differences. Some of the similarities accommodate barbarian rebellions, while the differences are such as woman’s rights and their angle on chiral labor. Barbarian rebellions were actual important to the societies of Rome and China. The absolutism of Han China itself was formed by a barbarian apostasy advance by Wu Ti. Their counterparts in Rome suffered through periods of bondservant revolts. These shaped these societies dramatically. One of the abounding differences of these two empires was woman’s rights. While Han China was a awful affectionate and believed woman were the “lowest of the low” on the amusing scale, Rome saw woman still as bottom being, but still had some importance. I accept this is because Rome, clashing China, had added than one god, including goddesses. These woman of a college ability afflicted Rome in a way as to see women in a new way, not as scum. Thus authoritative these two cultures different. Another important aberration amid Han China and the Roman Empire, were their angle on chiral labor. In Han China, Confucianism accurate the chiral activity of farmers and alternative peasants. Meanwhile in Rome, their abstraction was that chiral activity aloof took abroad from the slaves. Even with their differences, both Rome and Han China laid the foundation for above religions like Christianity, Daoism, and Confucianism. Those religions are still cardinal the apple today. They additionally created abiding legacies that we accede today as Classical Civilizations.

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