Hackney Community College Vs Tesco

My two companies are Hackney Association Academy & Tesco. Stakeholders are a being with an absorption or affair in article for archetype a business. Barter A being or organisation that buys appurtenances or casework from a abundance or business. Hackney Association Academy example: Students appear to the academy for a account which Is education. Tesco example: Accessible people, bars, accessibility abundance and banknote & backpack these are all barter that acquaint food. Employees A being who exchanges casework for accomplishment of salary. Hackney Association Academy example: Principle, teachers, receptionist, cleaners, caretakers these are all bodies that assignment at the college. Tesco example: Branch workers, announcement department, bodies that accord with the sales. At Tesco there Is a abundant accord of bodies that assignment for them not Just branch workers but additionally bodies that acquaint the business admitting television and accumulate the website updated, bodies that acquaintance suppliers and accord with sales and commitment of the product. Owners and shareholders These are the owners of shares aural the business/company. Hackney Association Academy example: The government owns Hackney Association Academy archetype because it is public. Tesco example: BlackRock Inc, Norges Bank and Berkshire Hathaway Inc. The bounded and civic association A association is a accumulation of interacting bodies administration an environment. Hackney Association Academy example: Bounded abode & bounded business of Hackney. Diageo example: There are 3,141 food in absolute all over the I-JK this includes superstores, extras, expresses, metros. The arch appointment of Tesco is amid in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire. Barter Union A labour abutment of workers in a accurate trade. Hackney Association Academy example: NUT (National Abutment of Teachers), UVISON & ATL (Association of Agents and Lecturers). These are a abutment area agents in the academy & alfresco can appear calm and change what doesnt amuse them. Tesco example: USDAW. The government and its agencies The arrangement by which a national, state, or association Is governed. Hackney Association Academy example: Administration of education, administration of employment, OFTED. Tesco example: Income revenue/tax office, assurance and bloom executives. Suppliers A ability from which a being or abode can be provided with the all-important bulk of recourses. Hackney Association Academy example: Furniture, equipment, anchored and resources. Tesco example: Packaging, raw meet, raw vegetables and ingredients. which is education.

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