HA415 Unit 5 Discussion 2 and 3

In two altered branch accord your claimed assessment to  Casie Woodruff  and Tejay Barton  Tejay Barton  Entitlement programs are casework that are provided by the federal government. These casework are accounting into law. Entitlements can be burst up into two abstracted categories, accessory and non-contributory (n.d.). Accessory programs are paid for by the alone animating the benefit. This usually comes as a tax or bulk deduction. Non-contributory programs are provided to anyone who qualifies behindhand of what they accept contributed.  Medicaid is a acceptable archetype of a medical alms program. This affairs is provided that mostly abetment low assets families with the bulk of bloom care. Medicaid is advised a Non-contributory affairs because the beneficiaries don’t accept to pay into the affairs to accept benefits(n.d.). Medicaid can be anticipation of as government provided bloom allowance to bodies that don’t accept the banking agency to admission allowance on their own. Medicare is a medical alms affairs that assists aged bodies allow bloom care. This affairs is actuality adjourned by taxation of income. It is appropriate for all Americans to participate in this program. Since anybody is advantageous into the affairs it is advised a accessory program(n.d.). The alone way to Medicare in the approaching is to prove that you paid into the program. Unlike alternative government programs entailment programs are advised a animal right. These rights accept been accounting into federal law. Like best federal programs these allowances are not chargeless from debate. The altercation is usually about the bulk spent on the programs. Sixty percent of the civic account is spent on entailment programs like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid(U.S. 2019) References: (n.d.) Alms Programs. Retrieved from http://federalsafetynet.com/entitlment-       programs.html U.S. Government. (2019). A Account for a Better America, Promises Kept, Taxpayers First. Retrieved Aug 31, 2019, from http://www.whitehouse.gov/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/budget-fy2020.pdf Casie Woodruff  What is a government alms program? Provide an archetype of a healthcare alms program. How is it about funded? How do alms programs alter from alternative government programs?  A government alms affairs helps booty affliction of our elderly, the disabled, and those individuals who cannot allow bloom insurance. Those programs accommodate Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. We are in atrocious charge of modernizing and reforming these programs so that there is a greater appulse on every citizen. We accept to not alone focus on the present but the approaching of our seniors. If we don't assignment on these programs "they will absorb every dollar the government collects". There will be no money larboard over to advance our schools, avert our country from its enemies, apple-pie our environment, or adjustment anchorage and bridges (US Chamber of Commerce, 2013). We abnormally charge to assignment on these programs because Americans are active best and crave added benefits. Alms programs do not armamentarium themselves. One way they are adjourned is through assurance funds. Social balance armamentarium will be beneath in 3 years; by 2033, it will not be able to pay abounding benefits. Medicare Part A will be broke in 13 years. If we had to pay the bulk to accomplish up these deficits, our country would go bankrupt. Absent reform, the bearings will anon crave either economy-crushing new taxes or aching account cuts in the programs---or both (US Chamber of Commerce, 2013). Money is alike actuality pulled from alternative genitalia of the budget, but that can alone aftermost so long. There are several types of ameliorate that are available---"adjustments in payments, benefits, eligibility, administration, and coverage". Alternative government programs, like Welfare programs, are adjourned by the federal government and again Congress can abate the funds. The aberration amid alms programs and alternative government funds is that "the Welfare programs are based on a families income". Alms programs abject accommodation aloft above-mentioned contributions from bulk taxes (Amadeo, 2019). Some examples of Welfare programs accommodate Temporary Abetment for Needy Families, apartment assistance, and Supplemental Nutrition Abetment Programs.  Amadeo, K. 25 Jun 2019. The Balance: US Welfare Programs, The Myths Versus the Facts. Retrieved from URL address: https://www.thebalance.com/welfare-programs-definition-and-list-3305759 Josten, R. 18 Jun 2013. U.S. Chamber of Commerce: 10 Truths About America's Alms Programs. Retrieved from URL address: https://www.uschamber.com/speech/10-truths-about-america%E2%80%99s-entitlement-programs-address-r-bruce-josten-executive-vice

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