HA405 Leadership and Ethics in Health Care

  Compare and Contrast Leaders Assignment Details Unit Outcomes addressed in this Assignment: Assess able and abortive leaders. Course Outcomes addressed in this Assignment: HA405-5: Contrast the administration styles of healthcare managers. Instructions: In this unit, you will analyze opposing administration styles begin in managers. In a 1-page paper, busy on two leaders: one which you actuate as able and the alternative as an abortive leader. These individuals do not charge to be in healthcare. Include two (2) bookish references and abide your appointment in APA format. Requirements: Discuss your archetype of an able and an abortive leader. Address the similarities and differences of your leaders. Include specific characteristics of anniversary blazon of baton based on anecdotic their effectiveness. Include two (2) bookish references. Submitting your work: Submit your Appointment to the adapted Dropbox. To appearance your graded work, appear aback to the Dropbox or go to the Gradebook afterwards your adviser has evaluated it. Make abiding that you save a archetype of your submitted work.

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