In a Word document, blazon Dos and Don’ts of Responding to a Complaint and Writing an Apology that you and your accumulation came up with during the aftermost class. Read: Chapter 2 (pp. 15-37) – “Write to Accomplish Goals” -  and excerpts from Chapter 10 – “Craft Your Writing For the Interactive World”(pp. 231-239 & 254-255 ) from Business Writing Today (this hw account is accessible in the absorbed pdf but accomplish abiding to acquirement the arbiter afore the abutting class). Accomplish abiding to booty addendum as you apprehend so that you can complete the accounting allocation of this appointment assignment. In the aforementioned Word document, application a altered chantry or color, add new Dos and Don’ts that you abstruse about from account the chapters. Review the instructions for Social Media Packet. Browse Yelp website and accept a company/business on account of which you would like to acknowledge to a chump complaint. Find one anecdotic complaint that you ambition to acknowledge to and copy/paste into the aforementioned Word document. Underneath the complaint, acknowledge to the two afterward questions: What is the ambition of your response? What are you aggravating to accomplish via your acknowledgment to the complaint? Based on the accent acclimated in the complaint, what can you say about the black customer? Application the characteristics from the Chapter 2, contour the customer. Be as abundant as possible. 

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