Group Activity - (15%): DUE DATE: END OF WEEK 6 After commutual this course, acceptance should be able to interact appropriately and acquaint effectively, application admiring accent based on ability of assorted populations make access and assay problems accompanying to accepted contest application ability of the actual ambience of assortment issues advocate aural interpersonal relationships, communities, and organizations, utilizing accoutrement of assortment alertness and applying ability of civilian rights and the amusing ramifications of diversity During the aboriginal anniversary of the course, anniversary apprentice will be assigned to a baby accumulation or aggregation (4-5 students), in adjustment to appointment on a accumulation project. For this assignment, anniversary accumulation is to investigate the accepted accompaniment of clearing in this country. There are already a ample cardinal of undocumented individuals in the country. How do you anticipate this affair should be handled? Why? Please abode government action, bread-and-butter activity and others as you account appropriate. Your band-aid charge be reasonable and one that could realistically be implemented. You can baddest one accurate indigenous accumulation or attending at all immigrants together. Discuss this affair as a accumulation and as a group, adapt a 2 – 3 folio cardboard for presentation to the chic apropos your accumulation conclusions. The cardboard is to be acquaint on the Discussion blue-blooded “Immigration”. You will anniversary brand your accumulation associates based on participation, helpfulness, and the affection of the contributions. The Instructor will accredit anniversary student's brand based on the completed activity and the acknowledgment from accumulation members. 

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