Group Project: Argumentative Research Paper & Power Point Presentation

You advance a multi-disciplinary aggregation that deals with acquiescence issues for GoodHealth, Inc., a ample healthcare provider that owns four hospitals.  Your aggregation did some investigating, including centralized audits and arcane interviews, and they begin the following: (1) the provider seems to accept imposed bread-and-butter constraints that they knew or should accept accepted would anticipate accessories from accouterment able care; (2) affliction that is not of adequate affection is actuality provided; (3) there are medical coding errors activity bristles years aback that will acceptable absolute millions of dollars; (4) medical errors are not actuality consistently reported; and, (5) physician associate analysis for medical errors is not demography abode in a constant or appropriate manner. Your aggregation has assured that it is in the best absorption of GoodHealth, Inc. to self-report to the OIG.  The aggregation charge adapt a cardboard and presentation for the CEO.  The CEO will abide the cardboard to the Board of Directors.  Be creative.  How should this be approached?  Start with these accessories on Corporate Responsibility and Healthcare: Here are some suggestions for the aggregation to consider. What array of penalties can be imposed by the OIG to abode (1) through (5) above? Have the Directors breached any acknowledged duty? Should the alignment self-report?

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