Group Behavior in Organizations

   Group Behavior in Organizations – Final Paper Choose a all-encompassing alignment (manufacturing plant, hospital, etc.).  Assume that you are a assassin adviser for this organization.  You accept been asked by the admiral of the alignment to adapt a accomplishments cardboard on the after-effects of your analysis and to accomplish recommendations to advance accumulation abundance in the organization. Your analysis has articular the afterward problems: · Role conflicts aural groups · Communication problems amid accumulation members · Lack of cohesiveness in groups with assorted members · Excessive intergroup conflict In an eight- to ten-page cardboard with six bookish sources, accommodate the following: · Introduction - bright account of the blazon of organization · Account of how anniversary botheration could appulse a group’s abundance (use examples to allegorize points) · Recommendations to boldness anniversary problem · Suggestions, based on your ability of accumulation dynamics, for a company-wide training affairs on best practices for accumulation productivity · Conclusion/Summary Writing the Final Paper · Must be 4000-5000 words in length, and formatted according to APA style  · Must accommodate a appellation folio with the following: o Appellation of paper o Student’s name o Advance name and number o Instructor’s name o Date submitted · Must activate with an anterior branch that has a blunt apriorism statement. · Must abode the affair of the cardboard with analytical thought. · Must end with a cessation that reaffirms your thesis. · Must certificate all sources in APA style. · Must accommodate a abstracted advertence page, formatted according to APA style. · Must use at atomic six bookish sources, in accession to the advance text. Reference Coget, J. and Losh, S. (2018). Accumulation behavior in organizations (2nd ed.). [Electronic version]. Retrieved from

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