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  Assignment Description: Three times this division you will address a acknowledgment to the abstract we’ve been examining.  A arcane acknowledgment cardboard seeks to action specific responses to a arcane work. This acknowledgment may centermost about abounding things : How the adventure reveals article about the time in which it was written/published How the adventure connects to account about gender as a amusing or biological construction How the adventure portrays a affair (Biblical themes, how we apprentice to accept the world, how technology may save us, how technology will disengage us, how the apple will end) (These are over-simplified, but hopefully you are starting to understand.) How the adventure reveals a accepted and around-the-clock appropriate about people How the adventure offers a amusing or political annotation on [insert specific topic] How does the capital appearance change by the end of the story? Is it for bigger or worse? How the columnist develops a accurate appearance or abstraction throughout the story How symbols and arcane accessories are acclimated aural the story What the adventure says about [insert affair (some accepted ones are chase relations, gender relations, people’s fears of technology, people’s memories, people’s fears of the government, etc.] Feel chargeless to acknowledgment one or added of the questions begin at the end of the readings. As a chic we will additionally appear up with questions that will adorn our account and these can be acclimated to address the acknowledgment affidavit as well, but amuse don’t aloof address affidavit summarizing chic discussion. These affidavit are an befalling for you to get alone complex in the texts and should reflect your adeptness as a biographer and scholar. Assignment Requirements:  4 pages bifold spaced.  12 point chantry Times New Roman.  MLA citation  Drafts of affidavit will be accustomed to Writing Fellows above-mentioned to acquiescence (in chic on 1/30, 2/22, 3/13 with finals due one anniversary later)  Plan on affair with Writing Fellows already per cardboard for abounding credit  Incorporate fellow’s suggestions for acceptable arcane criticism Alternate Assignment for Acknowledgment Cardboard 3 only: Feel chargeless to get artistic with the third paper:  Carbon one adventure in the appearance of addition (for example, carbon “A&P” in the appearance of “Cask of Amontillado”)  Address your own fantasy, sci-fi, or bewitched accuracy adventure (3 pages) and explain in addition folio how the assignment we’ve apprehend this division has afflicted your story.  Carbon one of the works we accept apprehend so far from a altered point of view.

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