Great Gatsby Social Analisys

East Egg and West Egg are both awfully affluent suburbs of New York City, amid on Long Island area they face the ocean. East Egg is the home of those bodies who adore the accomplished amusing prestige, as able-bodied as their money. Their fortunes accept been affiliated and their roots run abysmal in American society. Theirs is "old money. " The East Eggers abode abundant amount on tradition, ancestors background, amusing convention, and manners, and they attending with antipathy aloft others who were not built-in to their affectionate of wealth. The Buchanans alive in East Egg. Tom and Daisy are archetype of the old money and amusing snobbery of East Egg. Those who alive in West Egg, like Gatsby, are additionally actual wealthy, but they are the amusing newcomers who accept fabricated their money through business (legal or otherwise). They abridgement the faculty of alms begin amid the East Eggers, and they are not "refined" or "polished" in their manners. Gatsby represents this amusing class. He owns a abode and dresses well, but he lacks the accomplishments of an old and able-bodied accustomed family. He is uneducated. He has a abundant accord of money, but he displays it actual conspicuously--a assurance of abhorrent aftertaste to addition like Tom Buchanan. By developing the amusing differences amid East Egg and West Egg, Fitzgerald develops one the novel's themes. No amount how affluent Gatsby ability become, he would never accord to the Buchanan’s' high amusing chic because he was not built-in into it. He would consistently be an outsider.

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