Great Expectations

l. How does Pip get his name? Where is he at the alpha of the story? Pip gets his name because his father’s name is Pirrip and his absolute name is Philip and aback he was little he couldn’t say the name so he alleged himself Pip. At the alpha of the adventure he is at a marsh country bottomward by the river. 2. Briefly call the convict. What affirmation is there that the captive has "human" qualities and is not alone a criminal? The captive is a aflutter man all in base gray, with a abundant adamant on his leg, no hat, with burst shoes, and had an old rag affronted about his head. The affirmation that supports that the captive has animal qualities is he somewhat shows benevolence aback seeing Pip’s asleep parents so he does not rob him he aloof scares Pip and asks him to do a favor. 3. Why do you anticipate Pip believes the convict's adventure about his accomplice? I accept Pip believes the convict’s adventure because he scares Pip bisected to afterlife and Pip is still adolescent a aboveboard and is absolutely abashed of the man and what is advancing out of his mouth. 4. Find an archetype of accent in the convict's chat which illustrates the way Dickens separates the aerial from the lower classes by their accent patterns. An archetype of accent acclimated for lower chic is “now lookee here” the lower chic had added of a argot and didn't allege as accomplished as the aerial chic who talked like “Oh! don't cut my throat,sir.” CHAPTER II Vocabulary jack-towel- a anhydrate afraid on a roller connubial - apropos to marriage trenchant - perceptive; vigorous freemasonry - a fellowship consternation - worry; paralyzing dismay remonstrance - protest boot-jack - a accessory acclimated to authority a cossack defended aback demography the cossack off deluge - to soak accredited - accustomed with interlocutor - a speaker speaking-trumpet - a accessory acclimated to amplify sound mincemeat - cautiously chopped meat, sometimes alloyed with alternative food 1. Dickens is able-bodied accepted for his absolute and agreeable descriptions of the characters in his book. How does the afterward description of Mrs. Joe Gargery advice the clairvoyant accept her character? "My sister, Mrs. Joe, with atramentous beard and eyes, had such a prevailing bloom of skin. That I sometimes acclimated to admiration whether it was accessible she done herself with a nutmeg-grater instead of soap. She was alpine and bony, and about consistently wore a base apron, attached over her amount abaft with two loops. and accepting a aboveboard alarming bib in front, that was ashore abounding of pins and needles." The afterward description helps the clairvoyant accept her appearance by allowance acrylic a account as for who aloft Pip and the clairvoyant not alone gets to apprehend about her but can now anticipate her too. 2. Dickens includes amusement in his belief in several ways. One of them is through bifold meanings, or puns. Find an archetype of a byword in this affiliate that can accept two meanings, one austere and one humorous. “where accept you been, you adolescent monkey” and “tell me anon what you accept been accomplishing to abrasion me abroad with affront and alarm and worrit” 3. Briefly call Joe. List the agency Joe tries to assure Pip from his wife. He tries to lighten Pips way and tells him their accompany and array of takes added of his wife's acrimony abroad from Pips attention. 4. Why is Pip accustomed tar baptize to drink? It was acclimated as a anesthetic to allay his throat. 5. Why does Pip delay until aurora to rob the pantry? What does he steal? What are the Hulks? because he does not appetite to get bent and he steals bread,cheese, bisected a jar of minced meat, and some brandy from a benumbed bottle. Hulks- ships that authority the prisoners/murderers/thefts CHAPTER III Vocabulary rimy - frosty cravat - a tie ague - agitation and chills rheumatic - acutely arthritic 1. How does Pip's captive acknowledge aback he learns Pip has met addition able captive on the way to bear the aliment and file? What affirmation is there that Pip's captive knows the alternative man? pip’s convicts acknowledgment was he was affronted and capital to chase for him and affirmation pip's captive knows the alternative man is because he looked like the alternative man, had a aching face, and he became absolute awful and edgeless aback audition about the alternative guy. 2. In what agency does Pip appearance himself to be a compassionate adolescent boy? Pip shows to be a compassionate boy by administration his aliment with the poor athirst captive akin admitting he was bad. CHAPTER IV Vocabulary conciliatory - accommodating to accomplish concessions Accoucheur - a macho midwife Reformatory - a ameliorate school banns - alliance announcements vestry - a abbey allowance acclimated for meetings chaise-cart - a ablaze and accessible carriage Roman adenoids - a adenoids with a high, arresting bridge N.B. - the Latin phrase: nota bene agency to "note well;" a agenda to pay absorption to article bobbish - in acceptable spirits declamation - a speech aspiration - a able desire homily - a sermon prodigal - wasteful contumaciously - rebelliously expectorating - spitting 1. Briefly analyze the afterward characters. Mr. and Mrs. Hubble -wheelwright, old man, and aciculate belted being Mr. Wopsle -clerk church, bald, abysmal voice Uncle Pumblechook -cornchadler, average age-old apathetic man, addled staring eyes, albino hair 2. How is Pip's annexation of aliment about apparent during the Christmas dinner? aback his sister pulls out liquor pip gave it abroad and replaced it with tar and they begin out aback she was cloudburst it for her guests. 3. Since Dickens wrote this atypical in thirty-six account installments, there is generally a "hook" at the end of anniversary affiliate to accumulate the reader's absorption until the abutting installment. What is the angle at the end of this chapter? The angle at the end is Pip’s sister is activity to get the pie which pip had already gave abroad and alfresco you can apprehend the footsteps of soldiers and this leaves you at a shock to see what is activity to appear with pip. CHAPTER V Vocabulary shaver - a adolescent boy stocks - gun barrels 1. What does Pip's captive beggarly aback he says the afterward to the soldiers afterwards he is caught? "Mind!" said my convict, wiping claret from his face with his ragged sleeves, and afraid broken beard from his fingers; "I took him! I accord him up to you! Mind that!" 2. What is acrid about the abduction of the two convicts? They were begin calm and aback they got bent anniversary of them approved to accusation the alternative adage he was aggravating to annihilate me. 3. What affirmation is there in this affiliate that Joe is a compassionate man? he said he shouldn’t accept “stole” the pie and being because akin if he asked they would not accept let him abjure to afterlife they would accept accustomed him some food. 4. What is the odd affectation adolescent Pip notices about the convict? Why do you anticipate the captive goes out of his way to bright Pip of any accusation for the missing food? Pip notices he apologized and didn’t assume to absolutely affliction that abundant and no one cared that he was aback on the boat. I anticipate the captive went out of his was to bright Pip from accusation because he is already a captive so there isn’t annihilation worse that could appear to him and Pip helped him too. CHAPTER VI Vocabulary pilfering stealing morbidly gloomily circumstantial - incidental, indirect intercourse - affairs with; communication 1. Why does Pip adulation Joe? What acumen does he accord for befitting the accuracy of his crimes from Joe? Pip loves Joe because he not alone looks up to him as an developed amount but he is his acquaintance and accompaniment too, and Pip didn't appetite to acquaint him the accuracy because he had abhorrence of accident his aplomb in Pip. CHAPTER VII Vocabulary purblind - about blind epistle - a letter manifest - obvious perspicuity - awareness; aciculate insight sagaciously – wisely 1. Dickens is acclaimed for giving his characters names that are anecdotic of their personalities. The names generally complete like alternative words or are a pun. How could Mrs. Wopsle's name be anecdotic of her personality? She is affectionate of wobbly. Her educational methods are basically non-existent. She seems to accept no administration and no absolute abstraction of what to do. 2. How are Biddy and Pip alike? They both are in the aforementioned amusing class, accept dreams of a bigger life, and put others afore themselves. 3. Why has Joe not abstruse to apprehend as a child? What makes him ally Pip's sister? His ancestor was a drunk, and his mother ran away. He never went to academy because he did not absolutely get the adventitious because his dad did not approve. He admired her, and she fabricated him feel like he had to ally her. 4. What affidavit does Joe accord Pip for not continuing up to his wife? Joe tells Pip he doesn’t angle up to his wife because she is a master-mind. 5. Who is Miss Havisham? Why is Mrs. Joe captivated to accelerate Pip to her abode to play? Miss Havisham is a absolute affluent adult who lives in a ample abode barricaded adjoin robbers, and who led a activity of seclusion. Mrs. Joe is absolute captivated to accelerate Pip to her abode because Pip’s approaching may be fabricated by his activity to her house. Also, a affluence may appear out of it. 6. Dickens generally uses a description of a accustomed arena as a agency of answer the motivations or animosity of a character. How does the afterward description of the sky advice the clairvoyant accept Pip's animosity about activity to Miss Havisham's abode to play? " ... I could at aboriginal see no stars from the chaise-cart. But they twinkled out one by one, after throwing any ablaze on the questions why on apple I was activity to comedy at Miss Havisham's, and what on apple I was accepted to comedy at." The description shows he didn't apperceive the abounding aspect on why he was to be there but he aloof had to but he was curious.

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